• Apple Japan Now Ready To Replace Overheating 1st Gen iPod nanos

    As we reported last week, Apple Japan had to admit to the country’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) that its local subsidiary failed to report 34 mostly minor accidents involving the iPod nano. Big A has a somewhat problematic history with the Japanese government, mostly because of overheating iPods. Read More

  • 34 Minor iPod Accidents: Apple Under Scrutiny By The Japanese Government

    If you’re Apple and manufacture and sell hundreds of millions of electronic devices over the years, accidents are unavoidable. But according to Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Apple’s local subsidiary failed to report 34 mostly minor accidents involving the iPod nano (first generation). Read More

  • Did your HTC Hero turn red? This poor guy's did

    What the heck? A reader sends in this image of his HTC Hero. It apparently changed color as it began to heat up. Insanity. As I changed from a 1st gen iPhone to an HTC Hero I was very satisfied with it. Until it started getting very hot and turned into a redish color as well. While HTC told me to send it in, which I did on March 7, and they will replace the chasis I still dont have it back. As… Read More

  • Wherein Penny-Arcade illustrates just how bad MacBook Pro overheating really is

    So how hot does your MacBook Pro get? Like, hot hot or just hot? (I have an old MacBook that’s not too bad about that kind of thing.) There’s a delightful message today on Penny-Arcade about how their MacBook Pro, when left to its own devices, becomes extraordinarily hot. Like, otherworldly hot. Read More

  • Cooler Xbox 360s With HDMI On The Way

    Finally! Microsoft is addressing problems with broken and overheated 360s by supposedly releasing a new model soon that will feature built-in HDMI, 65nm CPUs, and quiet DVD drives. Also, heating issues that cause some 360s to break will be fixed, I’m guessing via an improved fan or something. Either way, this is a win for anyone with a 360 or planning to purchase one. No word yet on… Read More

  • PS3 Kills 360 – Murder In The 1st Is What They Gave It, Yo

    John Davidson over at 1Up was woken up by his kids early one morning. The brats wanted to play some Xbox 360 and being a good father, he kindly obliged. So the two children set off to the living room, where inside an entertainment unit, lay an Xbox 360 and a Playstation 3. Now allow me to go off on a tangent for a second: Read More