• Us vs. Them: What’s Wrong With You People? Crunch Network

    Us vs. Them: What’s Wrong With You People?

    Internet, we need to talk. In a nuanced, thoughtful, intelligent way. I don’t want this to turn into some kind of knee-jerk confrontation. But it will, won’t it? You’ll end up citing the Nazis while frothing at the mouth, won’t you? That’s what you do. Every. Single. Time. What’s wrong with you, Internet? Why can’t we just agree to disagree? By which… Read More

  • Outrage: Man loses finger during iPad robbery

    Apple says the iPad is “magical and revolutionary,” but I don’t know if it’s worth losing a finger over. A man in Denver purchased an iPad for a business associate—he didn’t even know what an iPad was—and as he was exiting the mall another man came up to him and ripped the bag away, severing his finger in the process. Sigh. Read More

  • Outrage: School accused of using laptop to take photos of student at his home without his knowledge

    It’s the start of yet another lazy Saturday, so let’s make things a little more interesting with a side dish of outrage. A 15-year-old student in Pennsylvania has accused his high school of spying on him using a school-supplied MacBook. The school had accused the boy “inappropriate behavior” that it found him engaged in via the built-in Webcam. Lawsuits are flying, as… Read More

  • Outrage: Privacy group target airport body scanners

    Man, people are pretty uncomfortable with their bodies. Remember those whole-body airport scanners? Well, “privacy advocates” are now demanding that the Transportation Security Administration remove them from all airports because, yes, they say it’s an invasion of privacy. As such, a group called the Electronic Privacy Information Center, or EPIC (really, EPIC? perhaps this… Read More

  • Man arrested after taking picture of open ATM

    “Don’t try to leave. I will tackle you.” That’s what rent-a-cops say to you when you take a picture of an open ATM being serviced by two Loomis & Fargo guards in an REI store. That’s right: snap a picture of publicly available ATM innards and get tackled by a fake cop. Shane Becker, an anarchist, straight-edge, vegan, Rails developer who most of us would… Read More

  • Journalism school ‘requires’ students buy iPhone

    Oh look, outrage. It’s been a few minutes since we last ran into outrage. This time: an evil plot, hatched by the Missouri University School of Journalism, that, in effect, lets students cover the cost of their iPhone or iPod touch with federal student loans. Someone call Superman, or at least Daredevil. Read More

  • Outrage: Porn found on 6-year-old boy's new PSP

    Shock! Outrage! Whatever! All words that are totally appropriate forthis here story. Get this: a six-year-old boy gets a brand new Sony PSP from Wal-Mart. He turns it on for the first time, and bam! A naked lady is set as the PSP’s screensaver. Now, in our book that sounds like a win, but the boy’s mother wants a pound of flesh. Read More

  • Outrage? Did you really expect to use Skype for iPhone over 3G?

    Help me out here. The iPhone version of Skype was released the other day; it’s Wi-Fi-only, but it’s a VoIP product, so I don’t understand from where the outrage is coming. Do people, e.g. the Consumers Union, expect AT&T to subsidize the phone to the tune of hundreds of dollars, and then allow you to use some other provider exclusively? A “dance with the one who… Read More

  • Apple App Store rejection letters now with non-disclosure agreement fun

    In a stunning turn of events, Apple has now started putting App Store rejection letters under non-disclosure agreements. That means if the developer whose app got rejected posts the rejection letter to his or her blog, Apple has the right to sue him or her out of existence. This has now prompted the tired and predictable Organized Freakout by much of the blogosphere. Apple’s playing… Read More

  • New Jersey college requires students to buy cellphone, not reimbursed

    Sure, everyone loves having the latest, greatest cellphone, but who wants to be told to have a cellphone? At a school, no less? Exactly. Students at Montclair State University in Dirty Jersey now must purchase, out of their own pocket, a Sprint cellphone, dubbed the “School Phone” by students. Ostensibly, the plan is designed to ensure student’s safety. The least expensive… Read More