• Sony To Offer NFC Authenticated Power Outlets

    Sony To Offer NFC Authenticated Power Outlets

    Sony is working on a new technology that authenticates devices via the power outlet, allowing for a few interesting applications. The system, based on the Japanese Felica standard, would allow authenticated power usage, power management for cafes and offices, as well as payments for power use. The system could authenticate with the power outlet via a chip inside the laptop or device or through… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Lenovo laptops on the cheap

    We didn’t really delve too far into this for specs, but if you’re looking for a new laptop on the cheap then check out the Lenovo outlet store. Some of them are discounted by about 40%. Maybe the kids need a laptop or something. Check it out. Lenovo Outlet Read More

  • Review: Monster Outlets To Go Power Strip

    Us bloggers/journalists/hacks often get free swag from companies at events and 90 percent of the time it’s all crap. No, really, it’s usually the crappiest crap you could ever see and you’d never want it to begin with. I go for the booze and shitty fabulous food. However, I can say without a doubt that the best thing I’ve ever received from any company at an event… Read More

  • Apple Opens Online Outlet

    Seriously, I can’t stop blogging about Apple’s goings-ons this week. And it’s not my fault, the company just keeps doing stuff. I can’t keep up. Take, for example, the quiet launch of a new store on Apple’s website. Gone is the “Hot Deals” section, being replaced by the Apple Outlet. It serves the same general purpose as the Hot Deals section of the… Read More