• OurStage Raising More Funding In Quest For Profitability

    Indie music discovery service OurStage decided to fill me in on how well they’re doing as a startup in the difficult online music business, and I was quite amazed to see how much they’ve progressed over the years. On a financial level, the company has fantastic prospects; they expect to hit profitability sometime next year if all goes well. That should sound like music to the ears… Read More

  • Helium Raises $17 Million, Lays Off 30 Percent of Employees

    The bomb-shelter mentality among startups is now so severe that even companies raising money are announcing layoffs in response to diminished economic prospects. Boston-based Helium just closed a $17 million series A financing about ten days ago, and then cut 30 percent of the organization (18 people) last week. CEO Mark Ranalli tells me: We expect a deterioration of overall ad rates, and… Read More

  • OurStage Brings User Picked Content To Joost

    Indie music and film site OurStage has announced a new content partnership with Joost that will see user picked content offered to Joost users. Under the deal, OurStage will offer four channels on Joost: Best of OurStage Shorts, Best of OurStage Comedy, OurStage Music Videos and OurStage Artist Access. The channels will give Joost users access to 10 OurStage Artists on each channel and… Read More

  • Amazon Helping To Change The Business Of Music

    The signs are everywhere that a revolution is taking place in music. DRM is history, the price of music is falling towards zero (and sometimes even free isn’t enough to slow piracy), and even big music sites like Yahoo are beginning to break ranks with the RIAA and labels. But Amazon may be doing more than anyone else to change the way music is discovered, promoted and sold. Not only do… Read More

  • Listen To Top Indie Songs On Your iPhone

    Mzinga isn’t the only new product launching tonight at the Boston TechCrunch Party. Massachusetts based OurStage is debuting a new iPhone site where anyone can listen to top ranked Indie songs as well. Ourstage, which launched in March 2007, is a site that lets users rank and buy Indie songs. Artists upload the songs, which users then judge – two song snippets are heard and the… Read More