our favorite things

  • Our Favorite Things: Logitech Harmony Remotes

    Logitech Harmony Remotes
    MSRP: $40 – $399
    Product Page
    Good For: People with multiple AV devices, each with their own remote
    Not for: Luddites OEM remotes are little demons, set to hassle owners and confuse guests. They’re horrible and not one is worthy of its space on this earth. They get exorbitantly more painful when another one finds its way into the livingroom and joins… Read More

  • Our Favorite Things: The World Football Daily Podcast

    As part of our gift guide stuff this year we’re also doing something called “Our Favorite Things.” I think these things can be from all walks of life and not exclusively tech-y. In any event, one of my favorite things is the World Football Daily podcast. I know I’ve mentioned it before in passing, but I guess this is my opportunity to say why it’s one of my… Read More

  • Our Favorite Things: Parker: The Outfit by Darwyn Cooke

    Parker: The Outfit by Darwyn Cooke
    MSRP: $25
    Product Page
    Good For: People who love thoughtful graphic novels like 100 Bullets and American Splendor
    Could Be Good For: Mystery and thriller fans.
    Not for: Anime fans The Outfit by Darwyn Cooke is based on Richard Stark’s Parker novels. Set in the roaring ’50s, Parker is a career criminal who only hurts the folks who deserve it. Read More

  • Our Favorite Things: Basic Computer Games Book

    If you were alive in 1978 you’ll probably remember you couldn’t do much with a computer. The Altair had just hit the scene and BASIC was taking off but there was very little a kid of a certain age and predilection could do with this information. Luckily there were guys like David Ahl. Best of all? George Beker and David Ahl are offering a nice discount on the book. He wrote to… Read More