• Just try to relax … this won't hurt … much.

    While sitting in my dentist’s chair recently, I marveled at just how scary looking many of the implements on his tray were. And don’t get me started on that contraption I put my face into at the optometrists! It’s hard to believe that these implements of modern medicine will some day appear as quaint — and arguably as effective — as instruments of yore, like… Read More

  • Computer-related injuries on the rise: Have you ever had a computer fall on you?

    The American Journal of Preventative Medicine, in a release that is sure to get onto daytime television news and talk shows for the rest of the month, published a study that found that computer-related injuries are on the rise. But these are not the traditional carpal tunnel/too much frozen yogurt problems. It seems people, mostly kids, are tripping, falling over gear, and getting smashed… Read More