• Walt Disney Co. reveals 9 new startups in the Disney Accelerator spanning robotics, cinematic VR and AI

    Walt Disney Co. reveals 9 new startups in the Disney Accelerator spanning robotics, cinematic VR and AI

    The Walt Disney Co. is kicking off the third session of its corporate accelerator this week, and revealed 9 new companies admitted to the program. A full list follows at the end of this post. The companies are developing everything from cinematic virtual reality and holographic content, to robots with human-like facial expressions. Because alumni of the Disney Accelerator have scored big… Read More

  • The reality of AR/VR survival Crunch Network

    The reality of AR/VR survival

    VR will be big, AR will be bigger (and take longer). But as in most early-stage tech markets, growth will be curved, not straight. There will be a few billion dollars of revenue this year, a progressive ramp in 2017 and a hoped-for inflection point in 2018 (when AR could deliver that magic combination of hero device, long battery life, cellular capability, strong app ecosystem and telco… Read More

  • OTOY Looks To Give Developers The Tools To Build Lifelike Real-Time 3D Environments

    OTOY Looks To Give Developers The Tools To Build Lifelike Real-Time 3D Environments

    Around ten years ago, Jules Urbach was sitting at the table at his mom’s house, coding away, when there was a knock at the door. His mom answered, but the visitor was for him. Directors J.J. Abrams and David Fincher had some questions about a rendering technology Urbach was working on, which had the potential to make movie scenes look much more realistic with shorter load… Read More

  • Eric Schmidt Joins The New Advisory Board At Cloud Rendering Company OTOY

    Eric Schmidt Joins The New Advisory Board At Cloud Rendering Company OTOY

    OTOY, a company building rendering technology for running games and other applications in the browser, is announcing a new board of advisors, including Google executive chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt. “Six years ago, in an interview with the New York Times, I predicted that 90 percent of computing would eventually reside in the web based cloud,” Schmidt said in an emailed… Read More

  • Footage Of Crysis Running On The iPad

    Earlier this evening, as early adopters across the country started getting acquainted with their iPads, a very interesting (albeit short) video landed in our inbox: Crysis running on the just-released device. We’ve embedded the video below. No, Apple hasn’t secretly packed a state-of-the-art desktop graphics card into the groundbreaking device. We’re told the game is running… Read More

  • TC50: Spawn Labs Is Slingbox For Video Games

    Slingbox owners love their devices. They allow you to watch your home television content anywhere you are in the world with an Internet connection. A new startup, Spawn Labs, launching today at TechCrunch50 wants to extend that concept to video games. But Spawn Labs offering is actually a bit more robust because it includes a social element as well. A key part to playing video games is… Read More

  • Exclusive: OTOY Goes Mobile, Turns Your Cell Phone Into A Powerful Gaming Rig

    Last week we posted a pair of videos showing off OTOY, the upcoming server-side rendering service that can stream complex 3D games to your computer through any web browser. It’s a very impressive technology, requiring no plugins or lengthy installs — just open your browser and you can instantly jump into a game of Crysis or GTA4, streamed in HD quality. Today we’ve gotten… Read More

  • Videos: OTOY In Action. You Have To See This.

    When we first looked at OTOY about a year ago, the small company was trying to deliver a server-side 3D rendering technology that could allow modern video games to be played on basically any client. A lofty goal, for sure. Then OnLive was unveiled in March at GDC, and it sent ripples around much of the gaming world with a similar concept of cloud-based gaming (both good and bad). But OTOY… Read More

  • AMD and OTOY Working Together on "Fastest Supercomputer Ever"

    Today during an Industry Insider Series keynote at CES in Las Vegas, AMD CEO Dirk Meyer and OTOY CEO Jules Urbach announced that AMD has been working on what it’s calling the world’s “fastest supercomputer ever”, designed “to break the one petaFLOPS barrier and to process a million compute threads across more than 1000 graphics processors”. The… Read More

  • The Truth Behind Liveplace's Photo-Realistic 3D World And OTOY's Rendering Engine

    Last week we posted a video that presented LivePlace, a 3D world with an incredible amount of detail. The impressive technology behind it is called OTOY, a streaming platform that allows developers to generate movie-quality renders “in the cloud”, which can then be streamed to more modestly-powered computers and even mobile phones. For more information on OTOY, see our intro… Read More

  • LivePlace To Launch Photo-Realistic Virtual World Rendered In The Cloud

    LivePlace.com has posted a video displaying a very impressive render of a 3D virtual world called City Space. At this point very little is known about LivePlace, other than that the WHOIS lists the domain’s owner as Brad Greenspan, one of the co-founders of MySpace. Note: It appears that in the 20 minutes since I spoke to Greenspan about this post, someone was told to take LivePlace… Read More

  • OTOY Developing Server-Side 3D Rendering Technology

    Imagine you could play video games – and immerse yourself in virtual worlds – with 3D graphics comparable to those found in blockbuster films like Transformers or WALL•E. And then imagine you could experience and control those graphics in real-time from any internet-enabled device, whether it be a desktop computer, set-top box or even iPhone. Sound far-fetched? It doesn’t… Read More