• Test Drive Apple’s New Messages App Before Mountain Lion Launches

    Test Drive Apple’s New Messages App Before Mountain Lion Launches

    Members of the general public will have to wait a few more months before they can play with Mountain Lion proper, but one of the update’s newest features is ready for a taste of the limelight. Apple has just made their revamped Messages app available for everyone to download, but don’t go looking for it in the OS X App Store. Read More

  • Adobe Flashes OS X With Hardware Acceleration

    Adobe released the latest version of Flash for the Mac recently, bringing it up to speed with the Windows version, which has built in hardware accelerated video decoding. The version you want is, which you can dowload directly from Adobe. [Via LifeHacker & ByteArray] Read More

  • Razer announces drivers for the Mac

    Razer announced today that they are going to be releasing Mac drivers for all of their future products. This comes on the heels of the announcement that Steam is coming to the Macintosh as well. Read More

  • Mac OSX 10.5.7 Combo Update Available

    The latest update for OSX is now available. The update includes general security fixes and performance upgrades for iCal and Mail. After the update your mac will be more secure, video playback will be less bumpy. Unit Converter, Stocks, Weather, Movies widgets will be smarter. You should get it right away. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: MacUpdate Promo Holiday Bundle for $49.99

    MacUpdate offers a bunch of handy software for $49.99. For that price you get everything on the picture. I never needed any of these and I also have no idea what they do (except for VirusBarrier) but this seems like a bargain. Thanks Stephen! Read More

  • Snow Leopard's 64-bit aspirations

    If the last time you talked about how many bits something had was when you got a Super Nintendo, you’re probably as puzzled as I once was about the whole shift to 64-bit computing. Isn’t that the computing power of a Jaguar, not a Snow Leopard? No, silly goose. It’s very technical and I don’t pretend to understand it all the way, but essentially the 32-bit architecture… Read More

  • Overclocking tool adds $1600 worth of speed to your Mac Pro

    But at what cost? This tool from ZDNet allows for super-easy overclocking of your Mac Pro. Until recently, overclocking has been one of the few remaining legs Windows users had up on Mac users, from an objective standpoint at least. The OC tools I’ve used on XP have ranged from the graphic to the obscure, and from the stable to the ridiculous. This ZDNet tool looks pretty simple, but… Read More

  • The state of mobile OS openness

    Open operating systems, for most folks, means that the operating system is essentially free. The average computer user knows that Linux is free, as in beer, while Windows costs money. The case is the same for mobile OSes although, until very recently, the idea of purposely using an open OS has been a fairly nebulous concept. To be clear open mobile OSes have been around for years, starting… Read More

  • EFiX dongle allows for easy installation of OS X on your Intel PC

    At least, so they say. Of course, I was skeptical of Psystar and their thing worked like a charm. The EFiX site is dying right now from traffic, but today was the planned release for the EFiX USB dongle, which supposedly allows you to install OS X on your Intel-based PC with no muss, no fuss, and no BIOS flashing. You just plug the thing in and go like hell. The site’s been updated… Read More

  • Snow Leopard won't support PowerPC Macs

    Snow Leopard, or OS X 10.6, went out to developers at WWDC yesterday, and one glaring aspect that worries some is the fact that 10.6 is made specifically for Intel-based Macs, meaning that G5 won’t run it. In fact all PowerPC-based Macs are left out in the cold. This was bound to happen, though, as Apple’s switch to Intel processors has been complete for many months now, but this… Read More

  • CNN Money asks: Is an Apple environment right for your small biz? Yes, if you're not a moron

    Look, I’m not trying to be some anti-Windows Apple fanboi. I’m not saying that a Mac is for everybody; I think everyone should give them a try and then think critically about switching. But when it comes down to choosing between upgrading your small business to Vista or switching to OSX, it’s kind of a no-brainer. That’s why I take umbrage with this story from… Read More

  • Psystar unleashed a plethora of Leopard updates

    Those of you with Psystars running Leopard might want to hot-foot it to Psystar’s website to download some important fixes. They activate Time Machine and patch many other specific errors. Since Leopard wasn’t ever meant for non-Mac computers, it makes sense that there is much patching needed. Read More

  • Quarter-century-old BSD bug identified, squashed

    So an OpenBSD developer got an email the other day saying SAMBA was having trouble talking to a DOS file system. The developer thought it was a problem with SAMBA until he found that there was a workaround in place to fix issues with some BSD code. He did a little digging and found that the code had been in place since 1983 — meaning that pretty much every BSD system out there… Read More

  • Non-Psystar PCs running Leopard appearing

    John Biggs has a Psystar. It’s a generic PC that runs OSX Leopard, and runs it well at that. It was roughly $550 shipped, and there’s something that gives one a sneaky feeling when using it, as if you’re getting away with something. The Psystar, though, may be just the tip of the iceberg. Apple Insider points out that there are now other PC clones running OSX, and you can… Read More

  • More Macs making their way to enterprise

    Before I left my last IT job, one giant task I had was converting all the office PCs to Macs. It took about two years to phase it all in, but then we didn’t have a specified budget in mind. Whenever a new user came, they got a Mac. When someone was in need of an upgrade, they got a Mac. Everything was fine, and according to InfoWorld, they’re not alone. More and more companies… Read More

  • Video: iPod Touch playing OSX intro music

    http://progressive.playstream.com/playstream/progressive/flashplayers/FLVPlayer.swf OK, this is rather odd. Yesterday afternoon I was leaving to pick up Peter Ha from the airport. I put my iPod Touch into it’s DLO VentMount, snapped in the Belkin car kit, and turned on my car. The iPod was already playing music. I thought it was weird but didn’t give it much thought until I… Read More

  • Leopard getting an update very soon?

    We got a tip from a young man today claiming that OSX was due for a fairly minor but important upgrade sometime before the end of April, bringing it up to 10.5.3. The update is fairly technical in nature but fixes many minor and some major bugs in the OS. Will your nitpick be resolved? Hit the jump for a full list of what the update does. Read More

  • $10,000 MacBook hack was a known, year-old exploit

    A gentleman recently won $10,000 for hacking a MacBook Air using an exploit in the Safari Web browser. This was during a laptop hacking contest and it made news all over the Internet. As it turns out, the exploit he used had been known for a year, it was part of the Perl Compatibility Regular Expressions library, a piece of open-source software included with OSX that many Apple applications… Read More

  • First 150 apps in OSX, now 108 in Vista, and tomorrow? Crysis on Android.

    I think we all knew when this joker decided to run 150 apps at once on his MacBook Pro (actually close to 95, not that that isn’t a lot). A Windows fan has put up a video of Vista running 108 applications at once . Of course, not only has this been done before to similar reception, but it’s really an awful way of measuring anything at all, really. For one thing, it took about… Read More