• Post-Palm Pre, what's up with Android?

    Quo vadis, Android? You were pretty much a no-show at CES last week; the Palm Pre is now the gadget geek’s new plaything. (Even I would like to use it for a bit, and my cynicism is crippling.) Mobile World Congress—sort of like CES, but specifically for cellphones—is coming up next month. Will you be there, or be square? (See what I did there?) Read More

  • Open Source Laptop Tracking With Adeona

    There are currently numerous commercial laptop-tracking solutions, most of which register the laptop with a central server and then report back periodically. Tracking solutions are often used when a laptop is lost or stolen, where users are able to disable the laptop remotely, take a log of user activity or take a photo using a built-in webcam whenever there is unauthorized usage. Adeona is… Read More