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Affetto is the wild-boy-head robot of your nightmares

Affetto is a robot that can smile at you while it pierces your soul with its endless, dead state. Created by researchers at Osaka University, this crazy baby-head robot can mimic human emotions by scr

Video: Omni-Directional Spider Robot Asterisk

It's not the <a href="">first</a> <a href="">spider-like</a> <a hr

Up To 30 Gbps: New Chip Enables Record-Breaking Wireless Data Transmission Speed

It looks like we can expect faster wireless connections in the near future: Japanese electronic parts maker <a href="">Rohm</a> yesterday <a href="

Video: New Touchscreen Control Interface Flexes When Scrolled

<img src="" /> A research team at <a href="">Osaka University</a> has developed a new c

New Japanese soccer robot shows the way to human-less sports is still long

<img src="" /> The <a href="">"RoboCup Japan Open 2010"</a> [JP] is currently

Japanese government believes in future full of mind-reading devices

<img src="" /> Mind-reading devices are <a href="

Scientists develop "atomic pen" and write nano-sized word

A group of researchers at the University of Osaka managed to develop a super-small “pen” that is able to write or draw by arranging individuals atoms on metallic surfaces. As an example, t