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  • Video: Omni-Directional Spider Robot Asterisk

    Video: Omni-Directional Spider Robot Asterisk

    It’s not the first spider-like robot out there, but it’s almost certainly the most advance one: a team of researchers at Osaka University in Japan has developed Asterisk [JP], a six-legged insect robot that can perform a few pretty interesting moves. Perhaps the most interesting feature is that Asterisk can pick up objects with two legs, lift them on top of its body and carry… Read More

  • Up To 30 Gbps: New Chip Enables Record-Breaking Wireless Data Transmission Speed

    Up To 30 Gbps: New Chip Enables Record-Breaking Wireless Data Transmission Speed

    It looks like we can expect faster wireless connections in the near future: Japanese electronic parts maker Rohm yesterday announced [JP] it has developed a chip that reached a wireless data transmission speed of 1.5 gigabits per second in experiments, the highest level ever. And according to the company, even 30Gbps will be possible in the future. The semi conductor device uses terahertz… Read More

  • Video: New Touchscreen Control Interface Flexes When Scrolled

    A research team at Osaka University has developed a new control interface for touchscreens that flexes the content that’s displayed when you move your finger over the screen. In the process, the content is “distorted” to make it possible to view (and zoom in on) a wider space on-screen, while at the same time keeping an eye on the original position you marked with your finger. Read More

  • New Japanese soccer robot shows the way to human-less sports is still long

    The “RoboCup Japan Open 2010” [JP] is currently taking place in Osaka, and the world’s biggest robot soccer tournament has attracted 225 teams from all over the world this time. Started in 1997, the official goal of the RoboCup is to have a team of humanoids play and defeat a team comprised of human soccer players during a “real” world soccer cup sometime… Read More

  • Japanese government believes in future full of mind-reading devices

    Mind-reading devices are nothing really new, but Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) apparently sees a huge potential for that market in the near future. The MIC will join forces with selected private tech companies to develop and commercialize robots and consumer electronics that can be controlled through thought. The project kicks off this fiscal year and… Read More

  • Scientists develop "atomic pen" and write nano-sized word

    A group of researchers at the University of Osaka managed to develop a super-small “pen” that is able to write or draw by arranging individuals atoms on metallic surfaces. As an example, the word “Si” was inscribed on a semiconductor surface, manipulating silicon atoms (see picture). The process took 90 minutes to complete. The letters are sized at just 2×2… Read More