• Orkut for S60 gets an upgrade. Also, Orkut still exists.

    I’ll admit it: I have a harder time remembering Orkut exists than I do remembering where I put my keys. Hell, I’ll probably forget about Orkut again as soon as I publish this post. That said, the fact that Google’s still fueling the project means some folks out there really love it; according to my indisputable Fact Checker 4000, most of these folks hail from Brazil or… Read More

  • Google Makes Brazil Center of Latin American Operations

    According to the Brazilian news magazine Exame, Google has made Brazil the center of its Latin American operations, placing former country director Alexandre Hohagen at the helm. Google is understood to have chosen Brazil for its superior regional performance. While the Mountain View, California-based search giant doesn’t comment on regional numbers, the article claims that Brazil is… Read More

  • Modeling The Real Market Value Of Social Networks

    Is MySpace worth $3 billion, or $20 billion? It depends on how you value a user. It’s time to start comparing the big global social networks on something other than unique visitors and page views. I believe an effective way to value a particular user is based on the average Internet advertising spend per person in the country they live in. The higher the spend, the more value the… Read More

  • Facebook Blows Past MySpace In Global Visitors For May

    In April, Facebook caught up to MySpace in worldwide unique visitors (actually nudging past it with 116.4 million unique visitors versus 115.7 million for MySpace). Now the worldwide comScore numbers are out for May and Facebook continues to blow past MySpace with 123.9 million uniques (up 6 percent), versus 114.6 million for MySpace (down 1 percent). Facebook also boasted more… Read More

  • Facebook Is Blocking Ads From MySpace, Friendster, Hi5, Orkut . . . and 3Jam?

    If you try to buy an ad on Facebook, there are certain words that are taboo. Any ads that contain four-letter words are automatically blocked. So too are ads with the names of competing social networks “MySpace,” “Friendster,” “Hi5,” , or “Orkut.” (Curiously, “Bebo” and “OpenSocial” go through just fine, as does… Read More

  • Hit Pause On The Evil Button: Google Assists In Arrest Of Indian Man

    These stories are becoming more common as Internet companies operate under the laws of many counties. In February A Moroccan man was arrested for pretending to be the Moroccan king’s younger brother, Prince Moulay Rachid, on Facebook. Facebook complied with Morrocca information requests about the man, leading to his arrest. The man was granted a royal pardon after his sentencing, and was… Read More

  • Three's Company Or Three's A Crowd? Google To Launch "Friend Connect" On Monday

    Don’t they say good things come in threes? Well, regardless, we’ve heard from multiple sources that Google will launch a new product on Monday called “Friend Connect,” which will be a set of APIs for Open Social participants to pull profile information from social networks into third party websites. MySpace launched Data Availability on Thursday, a competing product. Read More

  • The Global Race Among Social Networks Heats Up. Keep an Eye on Hi5, Friendster, and Imeem

    In the global race to be the top social network, MySpace and Facebook are neck and neck. In January, 2008, MySpace was still the biggest social network worldwide with 109 million unique visitors, according to comScore. But Facebook was close on its heels with 101 million. (Meanwhile, the data in the U.S. for Facebook at least shows a possible slowdown in growth). While MySpace and Facebook… Read More

  • Sonico: The Biggest Social Networking Site You've Probably Never Heard Of

    Spanish language social networking site Sonico is the biggest social networking site you’ve probably never heard of before today. If you haven’t you wouldn’t be alone, it has zero hits in Google News as I write this post. Buenos Aires based Sonico from FNBox launched in August 2007 with the usual social networking mix of message boards, profiles and networks based on school… Read More

  • What Does MySpace's Child-Protection Deal Mean for Facebook, Bebo, and Google?

    Today’s agreement between MySpace and nearly all the states attorneys general to bulk up protections against sexual predators will no doubt have spillover effects on other social networks as well. No social network can afford to look like it is lagging in this area and will do whatever it can to be at par with emerging industry norms in this area. In fact, not long after I originally… Read More

  • Google Opens OpenSocial Site And Provides Orkut Support

    The Google OpenSocial site is now live (here). The video above comes from the Google OpenSocial Campfire held Thursday night and is featured on the front of the new page.The site includes the complete OpenSocial API Documentation, FAQ and Group area.Also now live is OpenSocial support for Google’s big in Brazil social networking site Orkut (here). According to Google, the OpenSocial… Read More

  • Checkmate? MySpace, Bebo and SixApart To Join Google OpenSocial (confirmed)

    Google may have just come out of nowhere and checkmated Facebook in the social networking power struggle. MySpace and Six Apart will announce that they are joining Google’s OpenSocial initiative. Silicon Alley Insider reported the MySpace rumor earlier today. We’ve confirmed that from an independent source, as well as the fact that Six Apart is joining. Per the update below, Google… Read More

  • Details Revealed: Google OpenSocial To Launch Thursday

    Details emerged today on Google’s broad social networking ambitions, first reported here in late September, with a follow up earlier this week. The new project, called OpenSocial (URL will go live on Thursday), goes well beyond what we’ve previously reported. It is a set of common APIs that application developers can use to create applications that work on any social networks… Read More

  • More Information On Google's Social Networking Plans

    Business Week has a long article expanding on the Google Social Nework Platform story we wrote about last month. Key facts from the article: Orkut is 1/4 the size of MySpace (Comscore shows a much closer race), but they’ve recently taken the lead in the Asia/Pacific region. Orkut is also very strong in Latin America, with double the traffic of MySpace and Facebook combined. Business… Read More

  • Orkut Redesign. Borrrrrring

    When I wrote about the upcoming Orkut redesign yesterday I was hoping for something a little more…I don’t know. Inspiring? Instead we get new icons and rounded corners. I’d love to hear what some of the designers out there think about Orkut. The new look for the second biggest social network on the planet is below. Here’s the old version. I’m underwhelmed. Read More

  • Is Orkut A Social Networking Heavyweight? Comscore Says Yes.

    The upcoming Orkut redesign prompted us to check out Orkut’s page view numbers according to Comscore. U.S. Comscore data shows, as expected, barely a blip from Orkut (Facebook shown for comparison). Orkut has 425 million monthly page views compared to 15 billion for Facebook: But, wow, take a look at the worldwide Comscore numbers – Facebook doubles to 31 billion monthly page… Read More

  • Google Teases Us, Promises A New Orkut

    We rarely mention Google’s three year old social network Orkut these days. Except to point out down time or flawed Alexa stats that suggest it is bigger than MySpace. But now some real news. Take a good look at that screen shot because Google is promising an “updated look” for the site. They are staging this to users in batches, so it may take a while to make its way to… Read More

  • Google's Orkut Down For 13+ Hours

    Google’s Orkut social network, which has been having a bit of a renaissance this year, has been down for the last thirteen hours as of 2 am PST. It’s unlikely this is an upgrade given the amount of time the site has been offline. This just isn’t Google’s day.

    Update: Orkut is back online now, after 22 hours of down time. Read More

  • Orkut Bigger Than MySpace? Ok, Maybe Not

    Google’s Orkut has been steadily rising on the Alexa charts, and for the first time today overtook MySpace in total page views. Since all of the other indicators suggest that MySpace is still significantly bigger than Orkut, we took a look at the Comscore data, which tells a different story than Alexa. Comscore September numbers (October will be out in a couple of weeks) say that MySpace… Read More