• Oris BC3 Air Racing GMT Limited Edition Watch

    The GMT version of the updated Oris BC3 comes as a limited edition done for the Oris Big Crown Sky Racing team. Why does “Big Crown” need to be in that term? I know that Big Crown is a line if watches from Oris, but does that mean there are other Oris Sky Racing teams? Anyhow – that BC3 Air Racing Limited Edition watch comes in the same 42mm wide case as the BC3, but here… Read More

  • Oris Big Crown X1 Calculator Watch

    Usually Oris “Big Crown” watches are rather retro. This one isn’t as retro visually and feels like something a helicopter pilot would have worn during the Vietnam era, or even today. Though none of that is what the watch is based on – at least through name. Oris opted to dedicate this new watch to the famous Bell X-1 range of planes that were designed and flown simply to… Read More

  • Oris 4e RHFS Limited Edition Watch

    Based on the good ol’ Oris BC4 watch, comes this special limited edition version that was made for, and tested by the French 4th Special Forces Helicopter Regiment (4ème Régiment d’Hélicoptères des Forces Spéciales). These are one of the main helicopter regiment guys in France. Would it be a good idea for anyone to make more watches to celebrate US regiments and divisions? Read More