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  • INNOVATE 2017 | Tim O'Reilly

    More long term greed… Tim O’Reilly’s recipe for a successful 2018

    Silicon Valley’s problem, says Tim O’Reilly, is actually a structural problem with our entire economy. What’s gone wrong, O’Reilly argues, is that what he calls “short-term greed” has replaced the traditional “long-term greed” of the market. Read More

  • Community Speaker Series Ignite Gets A Reboot

    Community Speaker Series Ignite Gets A Reboot

    Ignite, the original speaker series held in hundreds of cities throughout the world, is making a comeback. The original co-founder and head of Highway 1, Brady Forrest, has reacquired Ignite from O’Reilly Media and is relaunching it today as Ignite Talks PBC. Forrest and his co-founder, Bre Pettis, the founder of Makerbot, launched the series out of a Seattle bar in 2006. What started… Read More

  • Tweeting About The Gov 2.0 Summit May Cause Serious Account Suspension

    In an ironic twist of fate, a number of people related to O’Reilly Media, as well as others guilty of using Twitter to express thoughts and commentary about and from the Gov 2.0 Summit, have found their accounts suspended this morning due to unspecified ‘strange activity’. That includes prolific (and real) Twitter users such as Tim O’Reilly himself, but also other… Read More

  • Web 2.0 Expo Europe 2009 Cancelled

    A message on the German O’Reilly community blog indicates that the Web 2.0 Expo Europe, an annual event held in Berlin, Germany, has been suspended for this year in the face of the worst economic downturn in decades. (translated version here) The event, co-produced by O’Reilly Media and TechWeb, had been running for only two years. Web 2.0 Expo Europe was widely known as an… Read More