VC firms of Kevin Durant and Snoop Dogg back Dutchie, a new cannabis delivery service

Ross Lipson, the chief executive officer and co-founder of the on-demand marijuana and cannabis delivery service, Dutchie, had thought he was done with the online delivery business. Instead, he&#821

Google Cloud’s LA region goes online

Google Cloud’s new region in Los Angeles is now online, the company announced today. This isn’t exactly a surprise, given that Google had previously announced a July launch for the region,

Parking Kitty makes parking in Portland adorable

Portland, Oregon, continued to keep it weird (and cute) this week when it rolled out Parking Kitty, a new app that lets you pay for metered parking. The app is based on Passport, one of the largest pa

The first EV showcase opens in Oregon

Forth, the electric vehicle proponent formerly known as Drive Oregon, has opened the nation’s first electric vehicle showcase in downtown Portland, Oregon. Anyone who wants to test drive one of

Arcimoto looks for investments via Fundable

Arcimoto brought the eighth iteration of its three-wheeled electric vehicle, the SRK, to CES 2017. This is the version that will be produced this spring in Eugene, Oregon, where the company has its he

Google Cloud Platform opens its first West Coast region

Back in 2006, Google opened its first owned and operated data center in The Dalles, Oregon, and starting today, you’ll be able to host your Google Cloud Platform applications in Oregon, too. The

Google-backed undersea cable between US and Japan goes online tonight

Google started making investments in a number of undersea cables back in 2008, but one of its largest investments was in the $300 million FASTER cable between Japan and the U.S. West Coast. Back in

America’s Whitest City Explodes With A Fusion Of Inclusion

It’s tough to see at first glance that diversity matters in Portland, Oregon. After all, Portlandia is widely known as the “whitest city in America.” But hidden within this environmentally frien

Nest Touts Three Studies Claiming Its Thermostat Pays For Itself In Two Years

Google-subsidiary Nest claims that the results of three studies based on longitudinal data show that its thermostat pays for itself in less than two years based on savings from heating and cooling cos

Oregon Sues Oracle

Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum is taking Oracle to court. The state of Oregon — my home state, go fightin’ rain and trees — is unhappy with the performance of the website

A Wind Farm In Oregon Draws $100 Million Investment From Google's Treasury

<img src="http://www.crunchbase.com/assets/images/resized/0002/9578/29578v31-max-250x250.png" class="shot2"></img> Google Inc.'s putting another $100 million into large-scale, renewable energy project

Oregon governor takes crazy pill, wants to tax using a GPS

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/gas_tax03.jpg" /> Because Oregon doesn't have enough taxes (like personal income tax and really high property taxes), the governor is pr

Oregon and Oregon State take the rivalry online with 24-hour LAN tournament

Now THAT’S how you settle a rivalry. It’s all Ducks and Beavers this weekend as far as any nerdly Oregonians are concerned, as the two universities are currently in the closing moments of a 24-hou

Sanyo invests $80 million in new solar plant in Oregon

Today Sanyo announced in Tokyo that it will more than triple its solar cell production in the US by investing $80 million in a new plant in Salem, Oregon. The plant will begin operations in October 20

Verizon Wireless joins the act to ax taxes

Following last week’s announcement by Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, that he wants to end unfair taxes on wireless products and services, Verizon Wireless issued a statement “applauding” the senators

Garmin's new GPS line: the Oregon, several flavors available

These look pretty nice. Garmin’s new GPS line, dubbed Oregon, is all touchscreen (possibly troublesome for rugged button-lovers), kind of chubby, and comes in three basic flavors: The 200, which

Suit of plate armor found at Salem bus stop

[photopress:Original.jpg,full,center] If you’re in Salem, Oregon, and you left a full freakin’ suit of armor at a bus stop, the local police would like to have a word with you. You’l

Nike ditches Apple, SportBand shows up on FCC

I’m a big fan of Nike and have been since I was a kid. One of the many perks of growing up in Oregon meant you probably knew someone who worked at Nike, which meant you could get stuff at the em

Oregon Attorney General holds up hand (palm side out) to RIAA and says, 'Whoa. Stop right there. Not so fast.'

For a group that’s so concerned about the money it loses due to illegal music downloading, the RIAA sure spends a hell of a lot on lawyers. Money that could be better spent on innovation instead

Drugs are bad, watch out meth labs

I had my run-ins with meth during college. For reasons unknown to me, Oregon is a meth hotbed. Take a drive down to the coast and most of the houses you see boarded-up are meth labs. Corvallis, my hom
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