Orbit Accounts

  • Need for speed – KashFlow takes its online accounting software to the desktop

    Although browser-based apps and moving everything to the cloud is very much in vogue these days, there’s something reassuring about a desktop application and the robustness that offline access brings. This is particularly true when there’s a lot of data entry involved. Or so says Kashflow, the UK-based online accounting software company, which today released RapidFire, its first… Read More

  • KashFlow launches Orbit Accounts, SaaS for bean counters

    KashFlow, the London-based accounting startup, is launching a complementary offering to its core product for small businesses. Targeted at accountants, Orbit Accounts is a fully web-based service to let them “monitor, control and collaborate with their SME clients” and, naturally, it’s powered by the KashFlow engine. In terms of functionality, accountants can customise… Read More