• Review: Orb Audio Booster With Super Eight Subwoofer

    Review: Orb Audio Booster With Super Eight Subwoofer

    Orb Audio is roundly seen as being a company that produces decent to excellent mini speakers at a price that is, at the very least, acceptable to a wide strata of the speaker-buying public. We reviewed a set of Orb home theater speakers and our reviewer found them excellent for cinema playback. The company, seeing a niche, has just released the Orb Audio Booster kit, a $356 package with two… Read More

  • Orb releases a mini Speaker/Amp combo

    Orb, a small company in New York, makes odd-looking speakers with some great sound. They just announced a small speaker/amp combo for $299 which includes two speakers and an optional subwoofer. The handmade speakers come in multiple finishes (I have the copper here at the house, which I personally don’t think go with my rug) but the dark ones look nice. The super eight subwoofer, a… Read More

  • Orb for the iPhone: Stream your media everywhere

    Orb, a $9.99 iPhone application that should be familiar to home networking buffs, is available now and will stream music from your home computer, photos, and live television from a TV tuner card – all over the Internet. It can even stream input from a webcam to your phone. Read More

  • Orb Ball Recorder: Not that kind of ball recorder

    Apparently you simply drop an SD card into this bugger, press a button, and take pictures. It’s designed to fit almost anywhere — they recommend the eyeball of a mannequin — and records up to six hours of video on a 2GB card. Sadly it lasts only 3 hours on battery but that’s enough to roll it through the bus station for some hot upskirt action. Wait… hot… Read More

  • Orb interface coming to iPhone, iPod Touch soon?

    The original boxless Slingbox, Orb might just be unveiling an iPhone/iPod Touch version of its excellent-and-free interface in the next couple of days. Orb has apparently found a way around Apple’s RTSP port cockblockery by streaming your goodies as MP4 files. You’ll also be able to use Orb features with Winamp to "turn your home media player into a very limited kind of… Read More

  • LiveStation: Microsoft's New Live TV Initiative

    Video: LiveStation Demo
    Microsoft LiveStation is kind of a Joost-meets-Orb except that it’s live TV (unlike Joost) only and it requires broadcasters to participate (unlike Orb). The guy in the video refers to LiveStation as “Slingbox without the box.” Sort of, but Slingbox doesn’t require broadcaster participation. Read More

  • Download Your TV – The Current Options

    Downloadable television, first made popular by Tivo and its competitors, is compelling stuff. As consumers become accustomed to watching a show whenever they choose, pausing at will and fast tracking through commercials, tuning in to a station at a scheduled broadcast time seems quaint at best. Today, 7% of U.S. households have a digital video recorder, or DVR and most cable companies offer a… Read More

  • Orb Stress Tested at 36,000 Feet

    Oliver at MobileCrunch has a great writeup on Orb, the free alternative to the $250 Slingbox from Sling Media. Orb allows you to stream live tv, video, audio and pictures from a base computer to any web connected device. Oliver put Orb through a very high stress test – by streaming the movie Underworld Revolution from his home PC at 36,000 feet using Conexion by Boeing on his way back from… Read More

  • The Companies of Web 2.0, Part 2

    Here’s the second set of companies that presented at the Web 2.0 conference Launchpad workshop. See Part 1 here. Zvents My friend Ethan Stock showed off Zvents, which launched last night. We’ve written about zvents here and here. In a nutshell, Zvents helps you create and locate the tens of thousands of monthly local events and has tons of awesome ajax, tagging and other… Read More