• Optoma's GT750 Projector Does HD And 3D For $799

    I mainly know Optoma for their pico projectors, but of course they’re into the bigger stuff as well. Most full-size projectors tend to run you over a grand, though, so it’s nice to see a full-featured one aimed at gamers for less than that. Specs inside. Read More

  • Review: Optoma PK201 and PK301 pico projectors

    Short version: Although they require a little more space to create an image, these DLP-based projectors are worth your consideration — especially the PK201, which had a remarkably clear and colorful image. Read More

  • Optoma GameTime projectors now available

    While we’ve come to know Optoma mainly for their pico projectors, they do make larger versions as well. Case in point, their latest product line, the GameTime series. Targeted at computer and console gamers, the GameTime line use DLP tech from Texas Instruments support resolutions specific to the Xbox 360, Wii, and PS3. Read More

  • Optoma's Pico projector gets a mini screen in Japan

    Japanese owners of Optoma’s DLP projector Pico for use with the iPhone/iPod Touch can soon buy a corresponding 8.5-inch screen [JP] from a company called Hometheater (the projector itself is able to produce 60-inch images). The A5-sized NS-01 will go on sale in Nippon on March 20 for $75. Read More

  • Optoma and Apple to launch DLP Pico projector in Japan

    Optoma is planning to sell its DLP projector Pico in Nippon starting December 1st. The Apple store will offer the device exclusively until December 19th. Optoma has unveiled the projector this summer and the specs remain unchanged: – size: 0.67x2x4.1 inches, weight: 120 grams
    – brightness: 10 lumens
    – aspect ratio: 4:3
    – resolution: 480×320
    – contrast… Read More