• LG’s Optimus G Successor (And Its 5-Inch, 1080p Display) Could Launch As Early As May 2013

    LG’s Optimus G Successor (And Its 5-Inch, 1080p Display) Could Launch As Early As May 2013

    Well, that was quick. It’s only been two or so months since LG pulled officially pulled back the curtains on its flagship Optimus G smartphone, but it seems the Korean company isn’t done fiddling with the formula just yet. According to a recent report from Korea’s MK Business News, LG is already preparing a followup (tentatively called the Optimus G2) that could launch as… Read More

  • Hands-On With The Optimus L9, LG’s Most Recent Mid-Range Mobile

    Hands-On With The Optimus L9, LG’s Most Recent Mid-Range Mobile

    LG has been getting plenty of attention these days because of some recent carrier announcements (case in point: Sprint announced it would carry the LG Mach and Optimus G), but that’s not all the LG hardware here at MobileCON 2012. T-Mobile recently outed a new LG device of its own — the decidedly mid-range Optimus L9 — and I spent a few moments getting to know it a little better. Read More

  • T-Mobile Will Launch LG’s Ice Cream Sandwich-Powered Optimus L9 “This Fall”

    T-Mobile Will Launch LG’s Ice Cream Sandwich-Powered Optimus L9 “This Fall”

    AT&T and Sprint have already laid claim to LG’s flagship Optimus G handset, but what of the rest of the Big 4 national carriers? Verizon has been keeping awfully quiet on the subject — maybe because it’s still trying to push LG’s curious Intuition phablet — and for now it seems T-Mobile is making do with another, less illustrious Korean handset. The carrier… Read More

  • LG’s Flagship Optimus G Slated To Hit AT&T And Sprint Shelves Later This Year

    LG’s Flagship Optimus G Slated To Hit AT&T And Sprint Shelves Later This Year

    LG’s last big (and I mean big) smartphone release around these parts was the Intuition, a funky phablet that many a critic panned. Thankfully, the company’s straight-laced follow-up — the nicely spec’d Optimus G — was revealed earlier this month, and now both AT&T and Sprint have signed on to sell the thing when it launches later this year. Read More

  • Hands-On With LG’s (Huge) Optimus Vu

    Hands-On With LG’s (Huge) Optimus Vu

    We’re here checking out LG’s media preview event, and so far, there are no surprises to be had here. LG’s Daniel Hernandez is on stage as I write this talking about all of the phones that the company has already announced these past few weeks. Of course, we’re not just here to listen — we’re here to play! And on that note, how could I resist playing with… Read More

  • LG Takes A Chance With The Oddly-Proportioned Optimus Vu

    LG Takes A Chance With The Oddly-Proportioned Optimus Vu

    After spending the past few quarters in the red, LG recently turned things around with a bit of growth in their once-ailing smartphone division. By focusing half of their 2012 capital expenditures budget on developing smartphones, LG wanted people to know that some big mobile plays were on the horizon. As it turns out, their plans for year include the newly-leaked Optimus Vu, which… Read More

  • LG’s Optimus LTE Android Phone Goes On Sale In Japan

    LG’s Optimus LTE Android Phone Goes On Sale In Japan

    Japan’s biggest mobile carrier NTT Docomo has introduced LG’s awesome Optimus Android phone in Japan yesterday. It’s compatible to Docomo’s 4G service Xi and follows the launch of the handset in Korea and North America. The Docomo version comes equipped with NFC and a digital TV tuner for Japanese users wanting to watch 1seg channels on the 4.5-inch, 1280×720 IPS display. Read More

  • Japan's Docomo To Sell LG's Optimus Pad This Thursday For $980

    Japan’s biggest mobile carrier NTT Docomo today announced [press release in English] that LG’s 3D-capable Optimus Pad will go on sale in the country as early as this Thursday. That means that the Android 3.0 device will hit stores in Japan earlier than in the US – where it’s expected to become available on April 20. Read More

  • T-mobile announces BOGO promotion for Black Friday

    If there’s a special someone in your life that’s into smartphones as much as you are, then you should have a gander at this: Starting this Black Friday, T-mobile are including their entire line of Android devices (including the Galaxy Tab), as well as the WinPho7-powered behemoth that is the HD7, in a buy-one-get-one-free promotion. Jump on past the break for all the grisly details. Read More

  • Metro PCS launches their first Android phone: the LG Optimus M

    Joining the Optimus party that T-mobile and Sprint have been getting down at since October, and that US Cellular is still on his way to (Verizon is reportedly partying, but at an entirely different address to the others), Metro PCS have now launched their own version of LG’s cheapest Android handset, dubbing it the Optimus M. This is a momentous day for Metro PCS, too, as it is their… Read More

  • Microsoft Attempts To Patent The Optimus Keyboard

    It seems that a year and a half ago, Microsoft applied for a patent for what appears to be a sort of hybrid between their own pressure-sensitive keyboard and the lovely but prohibitively expensive Optimus keyboard. The claims include “an adaptive-imaging engine to dynamically change a visual appearance of the key in accordance with rendering information received from the host… Read More

  • LG To The WSJ, "Our tablet will be better than the iPad."

    Oh boy. LG’s Marketing VP made a mighty big claim in a recent Wall Street Journal article. I’ll state it again if you somehow missed the headline: “our tablet will be better than the iPad.” That’s like Kia saying their upcoming sports car will be better than the Porsche 911. Or some Hollywood startup saying they’re making the next Star Wars only better. Read More

  • First shots of Optimus Popularis keyboard emerge

    We heard tell of the Optimus Popularis in May, but it had a completely different look. The new one, with its dedicated display bar and lack of number pad, is in my humble opinion a vastly superior design. The LED (not OLED) keys are, after all, totally customizable, and this saves a ton of money — that’s 20 less displays they have to put on the keyboard. And they can pass the… Read More

  • Optimus Popularis will cost less than $1,000, remain irrelevant

    I think of Art Lebedev’s odd creations the way I think of expensive, weird sex toys – maybe someone will buy one, but any way you slice it it’s not going to take off. Anyway, the Optimus Popularis keyboard uses little screens on each key, just like the old Optimus Maximus. However, instead of OLEDs it will use LEDs. The Popularis will sell for under $1,000 and should be… Read More

  • Oh look, a World of Warcraft Optimus keyboard theme

    What good is that Optimus keyboard without World of Warcraft? None good, I say, which is why it brings me great joy to see this homebrew WoW layout. It was created by one of the blokes at an Optimus Keyboard message board—message boards are the new salons—and is primarily for Warlocks. Read More

  • Optimus Pultius: between Minimus and Maximus

    This might be something I can use. I enjoyed the easily customizable softkeys on the Microsoft wireless keyboard I reviewed a month or so ago, and this is more powerful and less attached to a bulky keyboard with non-separated F-keys. I’m pretty sure it’ll still cost north of, oh let’s say $400, but I think this is more practical than the actual full-LCD keyboard. Read More

  • Optimus Tactus: Yeah, I'm OK with my old keyboard, thanks

    Art Lebedev’s Optimus Keyboard, famous for having little OLED screens on each key and never actually, you know, being purchased by anyone, was the defining meme of the 2006-2007 blogging season. Everyone was all excited for the product and when it finally launched everyone was like “Huh” and kept tapping at their iPhones. Now AL is talking about the Tactus, a full-screen… Read More

  • First mock-up of new Optimus keyboard!

    That garish Optimus keyboard that annoyed people with its price and lack of functionality will be re-born as the Optimus Popularis. That up there is the first mock-up of the keyboard, which is supposed to be “well under” $1,000. I know, feed your family, or buy a keyboard? via Wired’s Gadget Lab Read More

  • Next version of Optimus keyboard revealed: Under $1K!

    Ladies and germs, the next version of the Optimus keyboard! Dubbed the Optimus Popularis, it’s currently set to retail for “well below” $1,000. That’s some deal, $1K for a keyboard. Why buy food or pay rent when you can have a cool LED keyboard? All the best stories come from random LiveJournals. Or something. Read More

  • ThinkGeek selling Optimus keyboard for $1,589.99

    That’s right: the Optimus keyboard is on ThinkGeek for 1,600 freaking dollars. 1,600 freaking dollars. Seriously. It’s a keyboard with OLEDs in it. Make a good flat touchscreen interface for data entry a la Star Trek and leave this bugger to the dustbin of technological overreach. (via BBG) Read More