optimus pad

  • G-Slate Officially Hitting Tomorrow For $530 On Contract

    We’ve heard it a few times before, but now it’s official: the T-Mobile G-Slate, also known as the Optimus Pad, will be hitting the US tomorrow, April 20th, for $529.99 with a 2-year contract. If you want one contract, free, it’ll set you back $750 — more than the equivalent iPad, but remember, this one has 3D! Read More

  • Watch Steve Jobs Get Kicked In The Face By The LG Optimus Pad

    In the FACE! Nevermind the man is recovering from cancer, LG just kicked Steve Jobs’ in the face. Really. Well, virtually at least. But it still counts! At the 1:00 mark in the official Optimus Pad promo video, there’s a not-so-quick segment that shows Spec Fighter, a take on Street Fighter, where the Optimus Pad fights the “A pad” whose virtual fighter’s likeness… Read More

  • LG G-Slate, Roll Out! Video Shows What Honeycomb Will Do With iOS

    With all the talk of Playbooks and TouchPads these days, it’s sad that poor old LG hasn’t had much traction with their 10-inch G-Slate aka The Optimus Pad. Well how’s this for traction? This bit of fanfic shows the Optimus Pad fighting, Michael Bay-style, high over a futuristic cityscape. While we all know Honeycomb is going to be amazing, did you know it could shoot fire… Read More