Optimus 3D

  • LG Teaser Video Gives A Brief Glimpse Of The Optimus 3D, Confirms It Has A Dual Core CPU

    Mobile World Congress — that big convention in Barcelona where a mountain of new phones get announced each year — is still over a week away, but the details are already starting to trickle out. After a little retailer slip-up and some leaks started pulling back the veil on the device earlier this week, LG went ahead and confirmed that they’d be using the show as the launch… Read More

  • Is this the LG Optimus 3D?

    Just last week, Dutch retailer ThePhoneHouse jumped the gun and put up a listing for the thus-far unannounced LG Optimus 3D. The bad news? Outside of the name (specifically, the “3D” bit in the name), there wasn’t much to be learned — they didn’t put up specs, and they didn’t put up any pictures. Of course, a leaked name is often enough to get the… Read More