• Oppo’s First Cyanogen-Modded Smartphone Will Launch In December

    Oppo’s First Cyanogen-Modded Smartphone Will Launch In December

    As much as I love stock Android sometimes you just need something different, and that’s essentially been the guiding mission of the folks over at Cyanogen Inc. They’ve made plenty of strides with their customized version of Android over the past few months, but now they’re on the verge of a big milestone — after officially revealing the thing back in September, Chinese… Read More

  • Watch The World’s Thinnest Smartphone Pound A Nail Into A Board

    Watch The World’s Thinnest Smartphone Pound A Nail Into A Board

    The Oppo Finder currently holds the silly title of being the thinnest smartphone in the world. Measuring in at a svelte 6.65mm, the Finder is 1.95mm and 2.75 thinner than the Galaxy S III and iPhone 4S, respectively. But the thin size doesn’t mean the phone is fragile. In fact the company recently demonstrated the phone’s toughness by using it to hammer several nails into a… Read More

  • CNET loves them the Oppo BDP-83 Blu-ray player

    OK, the bad: the Oppo BDP-83 is $500, it doesn’t have WiFi or any digital download dilvery system like Netflix, Pandora, Amazon, or YouTube. But on the plus, CNET ranked the player above all others – including the PS3 – and that’s good enough for me. Where’s my credit card… Read More

  • The Oppo BDP-83 Blu-ray player is now shipping

    When we first spent some time with the Oppo BDP-83 Blu-ray player way back last September at CEDIA, we walked away impressed and anxious to get our hands on the player. Well, 11 months later we’re pleased to report that it is finally available for purchase. Yay! Read More

  • Oppo's BDP-83 megaplayer gets more detailed

    We saw the Oppo DVD/Blu-Ray player at CEDIA in September, and it looked great then, but details were lacking. We’ve got a lot more information now, and this versatile media player and rescaler is looking to be a real beast. It’s got the latest Blu-Ray support, a sweet upscaling unit (the same found in the DVDO Edge), and support for DVD-Audio, SACD, and more legacy formats. Read More

  • CEDIAcrunch hands-on: Oppo BDP-83 Blu-ray player

    Oppo has always been a driving force in the upscalling DVD scene. The company was one of the first, and the AV crowd still looks upon with respect, so when the BDP-83 dropped at the DVDO booth, they took notice. Rightfully so too as the BDP-83 is sporting the same killer video processor as the DVDO EDGE. No word on price or availability, but you can assume that the player supports BD… Read More