Opie & Anthony

Opie & Anthony Return to XM Satellite Radio After Month-Long Suspension

The suspension is over. One month after XM suspended them for some convoluted reason, Opie & Anthony returned to the satellite radio company’s airwaves today, celebrating by giving away a wh

Opie & Anthony Return To XM Friday; XM Waives Reactivation Fee

Radio bad boys Opie & Anthony will return to the XM Satellite Radio airwaves this Friday, June 15, at 6 a.m. XM suspended the duo last month after all of the hullabaloo generated after they aired

XM Up and Running Again

Hot damn, the XM signal is back online! Now we can get back to not listening to Opie & Anthony, though I guess Oprah & Friends does have its fair share of hilarious moments, too. XM had been h

XM Tricks Subscribers, Says It Canceled Service When It Really Didn't

XM Satellite Radio might have some ‘splaining to do. Reports suggest that angry fans who thought they had canceled the service in response to Opie & Anthony’s suspension are just getti

Rumor and Innuendo: XM Losing 20K Subscriptions Per Day in Clash With Opie & Anthony Fans

Hell hath no fury like the Opie & Anthony pests scorned. Rumors, utter utter rumors, suggest that between 19,000 and 38,000 subscriptions were canceled as of yesterday in response to the radio duo

Opie & Anthony Fans Cancel XM and Destroy Their Radios in Response to Suspension

XM Satellite Radio is finding out first hand that Opie & Anthony have quite a few dedicated fans, fans who are now canceling the service en masse in response to the duo’s recent 30-day suspe