Go Jauntly applies AI to seek scale via ‘greener’ walking routes

Unless you’ve been on very extended digital detox, you’ll have noticed algorithms don’t exactly have the greatest reputation these days, saddled as they are with pervasive questions

Grab is messing up the world’s largest mapping community’s data in Southeast Asia

Grab, Southeast Asia’s top ride-hailing company, has hit a roadblock in its efforts to improve its mapping and routing service after running into trouble with OpenStreetMap, the world’s la

Apple is rebuilding Maps from the ground up

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but the launch of Apple Maps went poorly. After a rough first impression, an apology from the CEO, several years of patching holes with data partnerships and some gli

Foursquare Gets $45M And A New CEO To Build Out Enterprise Business

Foursquare has been a fantastic idea in search of a business plan for as long as it's been alive. Efforts to monetize the platform via ads in its app (now apps) have not made the grade. Now, the last

For The Love Of Open Mapping Data

It’s been exactly ten years since the launch of OpenStreetMap, the largest crowd-sourced mapping project on the Internet. The project was founded by Steve Coast when he was still a student. It

Telenav Buys Skobbler For $24M To Power An OpenStreetMap Challenge To Google Maps

Last summer we heard that German startup Skobbler was being courted as an acquisition target, in the wake of Google's purchase of Waze. Today Skobbler has achieved that exit -- albeit not Waze-sized -

OpenStreetMap Founder Steve Coast Leaves Microsoft For Telenav

Along with Wikipedia, <a target="_blank" href="">OpenStreetMap</a> (OSM) is one of the flagship crowdsourcing projects on the Internet, but unless you are watching this sp

OpenStreetMap To Give Google Maps A Run For Its Money By Launching Its New ‘iD’ Editor

Google has become the king of maps because of the technology that it has developed over the past eight years. One competitor, OpenStreetMap, has developed its own tools and built a community of map en

Craigslist Slowly Expands Its Maps To Items For Sale, Starting First With Yard Sales And Flea Markets

<a target="_blank" href="">Craigslist</a> has started to add maps to its sales listings, letting people view not just what items are being sold, but where those items are loca

Why You All So Kiasi?

<b>Editor's note:</b> <em>Scott Rafer is CEO of <a target="_blank" href="">Lumatic</a>, a company that believes Cities are Humanity’s Future so they must be easier to love.</em>

MapBox, A Contributor To OpenStreetMap, Gets $575K From The Knight Foundation

While Apple continues to <a target="_blank" href="">weather</a> very bad press (and <a target="_blank" href="

Apple Finally Gives Proper Credit To OpenStreetMap In iPhoto For iOS

When Apple launched iPhoto for iPhone, it quickly became clear that there was something odd going on with the maps in the application. Even though Apple never talked about this publicly, the data Appl

Wikipedia’s Mobile Apps Drop Google Maps for OpenStreetMap

In the world of online mapping, it feels like things aren't quite going in Google's direction these days: Apple switched away from Google Maps to <a href="">OpenStree

Why Google’s Plan To Make Maps Pay For Itself Could Backfire

Google was once satisfied to have its satellite products, like Maps, drive goodwill among startups and create new exposure to their users. But now we've heard Google's new plan is to make these produc

Navmii's free iPhone Sat-Nav app crosses the pond to the U.S.

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MapQuest Launches OpenStreetMap-Powered Mapping Service In The US

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <a href="">MapQuest</a> this morning <a href="http://www.businesswir

MapQuest debuts four new OpenStreetMap enhanced mapping sites in Europe

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MapQuest Expands Wikipedia-Style Mapping Project In Europe, Makes Key Hire In The U.S.

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Mapping Earthquake Recovery Projects in Haiti

<img src="" alt="" title="Picture 10" width="300" height="182" class="alignright size-medium wp-image-198011" /> Haiti is still st