• German Facebook clone StudiVZ adds support for 3rd party apps – user privacy is paramount

    [Germany] Two and a half years after Facebook, its German clone StudiVZ follows the US social network’s most successful move by adding support for third-party applications. The 15.7m users of StudiVZ and its siblings MeinVZ and SchülerVZ can now play games from Plinga or Wooga, sing online Karaoke with Mikestar or order Italian food from After 12 months of engineering and a… Read More

  • MySpace Embraces Microsoft Platforms For Mobile And Web Applications

    Two Microsoft-related announcements coming from social networking giant MySpace today: the portal is adding support for Windows Mobile-run phones to its new mobile application, due this summer, and bringing the Silverlight runtime to its developer program thanks to a jointly developed Open Source kit. The upcoming application will be created by MySpace in conjunction with Microsoft developers… Read More

  • Social Web Q&A with Google's Kevin Marks

    This guest post is written by Kevin Marks, Developer Advocate for OpenSocial at Google. Over the last 20 years he has alternated between giant companies and founding startups – BBC, The UK MultiMedia Corporation, Apple QuickTime, Technorati and now Google. He is one of the driving forces behind and advisor to the Open Rights Group. He wants you to remember that URLs… Read More

  • Huddle adds OpenSocial apps to Intercall conference calls

    We don’t often report on distribution deals startups make with big companies. But it’s significant that InterCall, the world’s largest conference call provider, is to give each of their 1 million customers an account with UK-based Huddle. The UK startup has built a suite of social collaboration applications which were good enough to make it the only non-US partner for… Read More

  • Netvibes Adds Slick Magazine Layout Options; Supports OpenSocial

    The widget is ready for its closeup. Today at the LeWeb conference in Paris, Netvibes announced a major step forward in how widgets are presented on a start page. Instead of the standard jumble of boxes filled mostly with text-only feeds, Netvibes members can now arrange the different widgets they subscribe to in different layouts that help to break up the page. And within a given widget… Read More

  • OpenSocial: State Of The Union Presentation

    It’s OpenSocial day today. It’s been roughly one year since the service launched to fight Facebook’s exploding platform product, and the main companies behind OpenSocial are holding an all day press and developer event at MySpace’s San Francisco headquarters. The presentation embedded below was shown to attendees of the event. See our other coverage as well:

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  • Social Network Apps To Finally Monetize Within The Next Year

    Today at OpenSocial’s first birthday event, a group of press, developers, and members of the OpenSocial team convened to discuss the future of the platform. Of the many topics discussed during the roundtable, perhaps the most pressing was the issue of monetization – many developers are simply unable to convert their users to a steady stream of revenue. And while… Read More

  • OpenSocial Now Reaches 350 Million Users, And Growing

    Six months ago, OpenSocial was nothing but a list of promised partnerships. But the social network application platform backed by Google has made a lot of progress since then as those partners started to go live with their OpenSocial Apps. First there was MySpace and Orkut, then Hi5, and most recently Friendster. All told, if you add up the various social networks that are now live with… Read More

  • Yahoo In Discussions To Join Google OpenSocial

    Yahoo is in late stage discussions with Google to join their OpenSocial platform, says a NYTimes story from earlier this evening. Multiple sources at both Yahoo and Google confirm to us that discussions are happening, but won’t say when an announcement might be made or even that a final decision has been made. This would be a major win for Google, which has already enticed MySpace and… Read More