Why carriers keep your data longer

Your wireless carrier knows where you are as you read this on your phone — otherwise, it couldn’t connect your phone in the first place. But your wireless carrier also has a memory. It knows where

India’s new technology infrastructure has created a platform to build domestic tech giants

In the two years since Indian social media app ShareChat raised $4 million in funding from Lightspeed Ventures the converging trends of increasing smartphone use, wireless internet connectivity, and c

OpenSignal, which taps sensors on 100M smartphones to monitor network speed, raises $8M

The world is awash in data, and while OpenSignal, a startup based out of London that’s probably best known for its mobile network speed reports  — which it compiles by tapping sensors fro

After 155k iOS Downloads, OpenSignal’s Wifi Mapper App Lands On Android

OpenSignal has added an Android version of its crowdsourced Wifi Mapper, following the launch of the iOS app back in May. The iOS app has garnered some 155,000 downloads in the two months since it wen

OpenSignal Ports Its Crowdsourced WeatherSignal App To iOS, Courtesy Of iPhone 6

OpenSignal, the London startup that uses crowdsourced data picked up from sensors on its users’ devices, to power apps, such apps to suss out the best mobile networks or the real weather,

Android Device Ecosystem: More Diverse Than Ever

Growing Android fragmentation -- or device diversity if you prefer -- has been visualized in a new report by crowdsourced cell phone signal startup OpenSignal, which has surveyed 682,000 devices to bu

OpenSignal Nets $4M To Build Out Its Crowdsourced Mobile Sensor Data Maps

Crowdsourced mobile signal mapper OpenSignal has closed a $4 million Series A funding round, led by chipmaker Qualcomm via its investment arm, Qualcomm Ventures. Prior investors O’Reilly AlphaTech V

Samsung’s Android Dominance Visualised By OpenSignal — Data Also Shows Droid Device Diversity Has Tripled In A Year

Crowdsourced cell phone signal startup OpenSignal has crunched data on 682,000 devices using its app to produce a visualisation of the diversity of the Android ecosystem. And despite showing growing d

OpenSignal Launches WeatherSignal, Using Its Crowdsourcing Cell Phone Coverage Tech To Tackle Meteorology

<a target="_blank" href="">OpenSignal</a>, the UK startup that has made a name for itself with its Android and iOS apps that crowdsource cell phone coverage based on data pick