LibreOffice 4.0 Released Just In Time For Office 365 Refugees

Microsoft Office has long been the dominant office suite. Through the years there have been many contenders rise and fall: WordPerfect, Corel, StarOffice, and too many more to count. Sun Microsystem

Microsoft Announces Heavily Discounted Office 365 University Edition For Students, $80 For 4 Years

Over <a target="_blank" href="">22 million</a> students currently use Microsof

300,000,000 Downloads Later, OpenOffice Ships Version 3.2

<img src="" class="shot2" />The <a href=""></a> Community this morning announced the release of <a hre

OpenOffice 3.1 is available

<img src="" />OpenOffice, everyone's favorite free software office suite, released version 3.1 recently. It seems like only yesterday I

OpenOffice 3.0 is semi-out, get downloadin'

If you guys haven’t tried out OpenOffice… well, it’s okay. No, it’s good, it’s just that they’re building an office suite to compete with people who have been &#822