• LibreOffice and One Year After the Schism

    LibreOffice and One Year After the Schism

    When I first started using Linux, way back in the last century, one of the biggest challenges was the lack of a decent productivity suite of the sort to which every Windows user is accustomed. The only real option was StarOffice, which worked but was unbearably slow to load and cumbersome to use. Sun Microsystems bought StarDivision, the makers of StarOffice, in 1999 and released the source… Read More

  • 300,000,000 Downloads Later, OpenOffice Ships Version 3.2

    The Community this morning announced the release of the latest version (3.2) of its personal productivity suite, and simultaneously announced that the software has been downloaded an impressive 300 million times in total since its public debut in April 2002. According to the statement, 3 recorded over half of that number from the central download site alone. Read More

  • OpenOffice 3.0 is semi-out, get downloadin'

    If you guys haven’t tried out OpenOffice… well, it’s okay. No, it’s good, it’s just that they’re building an office suite to compete with people who have been “refining” their product for a couple decades now. Still, even in traditional office environments, word processors, spreadsheets and so on are giving way to either more specialized tools… Read More

  • Aquaish Version of OpenOffice is Released for OS X

    Who hates Microsoft Office? Google Docs not getting the job done for you? Well, Mac users are in luck because OpenOffice has released an alpha version for OS X that runs outside of X11. OMFG!!! Keep in mind that this is an “alpha” version, so a handful of functions are missing such as printing, PDF export and copy/paste. Be warned: THIS SOFTWARE MAY CRASH AND MAY DESTROY YOUR DATA… Read More