• Ahead Of ITU Summit, Google Wants You To Help Preserve A Free And Open Internet With New Campaign

    Ahead Of ITU Summit, Google Wants You To Help Preserve A Free And Open Internet With New Campaign

    Today, Google announced a new initiative to support an open and free Internet called “Take Action.” The company has set up a website with materials to help educate you on what your rights are and what changes with laws could do to impact the freedoms you enjoy today on the Internet. After we went through what we did with SOPA, it’s time to listen up so we don’t have… Read More

  • Twitter, Jobs, Democracy and The US Elections

    Twitter, Jobs, Democracy and The US Elections

    I recently wrote a post about the open nature of Twitter and why I’m long on its future. I know it’s easier to write “horse race” stories about who’s signing up more users, raising more funding or who’s “hot” lately. But something more nuanced is at hand that is worth debating – is the future of the Internet & global communications… Read More

  • Steve Jobs tells the world just what he thinks of Flash

    Once upon a time there were two little boys, Apple and Adobe. Back when they were kids, they used to hang out, play kick-the-can, and generally lived in harmony. But one day Apple got sick and Adobe met some new kids and the two drifted apart. Now that they’re all grown up, Apple wouldn’t spare Adobe the steam of his coffee and their interests, though not divergent, are no… Read More

  • Early look at the Neuros LINK internet video box

    CG reader Shaila was kind enough to send in some early impressions and info about the Neuros LINK box that we reported a couple of weeks ago. Keeping in mind that Neuros is currently in a gamma testing phase and is offering a generous four-month, no questions asked return policy on the $300 pre-production units, it seems that the system currently consists of little more than a small form factor… Read More

  • Neuros soft launches ‘LINK’ internet video set-top box

    Here comes yet another set-top box that connects to the internet and streams web video. Thankfully, this one looks pretty cool. It’s called the Neuros LINK and it’ll leverage the Neuros.TV interface to stream shows to your TV from sites like YouTube, Hulu,,,, and Fancast. Oh, and it’s an open platform. It appears that the Neuros.TV part of the… Read More

  • Battle Over: Twitter Opens Up To Gnip

    Since launching TechcrunchIT we have been pounding away about open standards and data availability. One of the biggest victims of this focus recently has been Twitter, who went from being a leading light in the field, to closing everything up and now finally today have gone back to being open again. Gnip has announced this morning that they now have access to the Twitter XMPP feed, and that… Read More

  • Verizon joins open Linux mobile group 'LiMo'

    Verizon has signed up as the final member on the board of directors of the LiMo Foundation, a group founded by Motorola, NEC, NTT DoCoMo, Panasonic, Samsung, and Vodafone “to deliver an open and globally consistent software platform based upon Mobile Linux for use by the whole industry to catalyze next-generation mobile consumer experiences.” I’m all for openness, but… Read More