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Facebook engineers develop new open source time keeping appliance

Most people probably don’t realize just how much our devices are time driven, whether it’s your phone, your laptop or a network server. For the most part, time keeping has been an esoteric

Microsoft open sources its data compression algorithm and hardware for the cloud

The amount of data that the big cloud computing providers now store is staggering, so it’s no surprise that most store all of this information as compressed data in some form or another —

Facebook speeds up its data center network with the launch of its Backpack switch platform

Facebook is on a mission to make the fiber optic networking inside of its data centers go from 40G to 100G. Its Wedge 100 top-of-rack network switch (basically, the device that connects all the serve

Microsoft open sources its next-gen cloud hardware design

Microsoft today open sourced its next-gen hyperscale cloud hardware design and contributed it to the Open Compute Project (OCP). Microsoft joined the OCP, which also includes Facebook, Google, Intel,

A look inside Facebook’s data center

Facebook invited a small group of reporters to its Prineville, OR data center this week. Most companies don’t even give their own employees access to their data centers (outside of the relati

Google joins the Open Compute Project

Open Network Linux Simplifies Open Compute Project Switch Configuration

Big Switch Networks, Facebook and NTT, announced today that they have come together to create a unified operating system called Open Network Linux for Open Compute Project‘s (OCP) switch hardware.

Facebook’s New Open-Source Data Switch Technology Is Designed For Flexibility And Greater Control

Today Facebook announced new modularized top-of-rack networking switch technology and a new Linux OS to control these switches. The company will eventually share this technology as part of its Open Co

Facebook Saved Over A Billion Dollars By Building Open Sourced Servers

Facebook is reaping the benefits of designing its own energy efficient servers. Today at the Open Compute Summit, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that "In the last three years alone, Facebook has saved more

Server Sales Are Down As Cloud Apps Abound At The Expense Of IBM, Enterprise Giants

Gartner Research<a target="_blank" href=""> reports</a> worldwide server sales are down 5 percent for the first quarter of the year, with IBM, HP and the othe

Open Compute Project To Develop A Network Switch, A First-Of-Its-Kind Open Source Project

<a target="_blank" href="">Open Compute</a> will develop a specification and a reference box for an open networking switch and will do so from the ground up in the fashion

“League Of Legends,” The Most-Played PC Game In The World, Runs On The Same Open Hardware As Facebook

<a target="_blank" href="">League of Legends</a> is the most-played, multi-player PC game in the world, with gamers <a target="_blank" href="

Internet’s Pace Of Innovation Will Force The Data Center To Open Up

More hardware will open up -- it's inevitable. Hardware in the data center is no exception. Hardware in the data center is no exception. As Tim O'Reilly said in his keynote at the Open Compute Summit,

Open Stack, Open Compute And How Opening Up Is The Only Way To Reach The Data Heavens

"Open" this, "open" that: It seems like everything is "open" these days. Well hello, people, Bill Gates' gravy boat has run aground. It's time to get out the Starship and fly in those open clouds.

Facebook’s Future Depends On Opening The Data Center

Facebook is a data company. Today's news about its <a target="_blank" href="">new search features</a> proves

Open Compute Project: Can Facebook Help Save The World?

Hardware generally doesn't interest me too much, so when I heard about the Open Compute project I didn't give it too much attention. Casually reading up on the subject a little more left me even less

Facebook's "Open Compute Project": Their Server/Datacenter Expertise Now Open To All

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