• Ooma Goes On Sale A Month Early

    New VOIP startup Ooma, which is proving a free phone service to U.S. residents who purchase the basic hardware, started taking pre-orders about five minutes ago (6 AM PST). Orders are being taken by phone only, with delivery guaranteed before September 10. The phone number to call is 866-452-6662. The basic unit, called a “hub,” is $399. Additional “scouts” which you… Read More

  • Vonage Beta Testing New Ambit VOIP Gateway

    Consumer VOIP service Vonage is beta testing a new, self-described “cool and sleek, yet simplistic and approachable” gateway device produced by Ambit. The device, an Ambit VDV21, includes a LCD screen that displays caller ID and voicemail notifications. The hope, Vonage says in an email, is that it will “inspire consumers to proudly display their Vonage router rather than hide… Read More

  • Free Phone Calls: Why Pay For Something If You Can Get It For Free?

    Cheapskates that we are, people are always trying to find deals, like, say, being able to make phone calls for free. Yes, that works. Over at the Times, David Pogue bravely looked at several services that offer, in one way or another, free phone calls. Skype we already know, so who cares. But there’s three other services that seem neat: Jajah.com, T-Mobile’s HotSpot@Home and… Read More

  • Fifty Oomas For Readers, Just Tell Us Why You Want It

    You read the story and you heard the podcast. Now you can try out Ooma yourself, way before they go on sale to the public in September. We have fifty to give away. This isn’t like most account giveaways – each of these packages will be sold for $399 retail in September and gives you free VOIP phone service on your normal phones for life (the life of you or the company, whichever… Read More

  • Ooma to Land Tomorrow: Peer-to-Peer VoIP in a Pretty Package

    While we’re spending our time pushing our Destroy Your Landline Contest, wherein you the readers are implored to destroy your traditional landline phones, something comes up that makes us want to perhaps hold on to ours. Ooma is a new Vonage-like VoIP service that tweaks the formula just enough to perhaps survive where companies like SunRocket have failed. The VoIP ideal has been around… Read More

  • Ooma Launches Free Consumer Phone Service

    An ambitious and long awaited new consumer VOIP startup – Ooma – launches on Thursday morning. Much like Vonage and the ill-fated SunRocket, Ooma allows consumers to use their normal phones to make and receive telephone calls, but at drastically reduced prices. Vonage provides unlimited calling in the U.S. and Canada for a flat $25/month. Ooma, however, is using an innovative… Read More