• Alexa functionality is coming to the Onyx wearable walkie-talkie

    Alexa functionality is coming to the Onyx wearable walkie-talkie

    Orion Labs alternately refers to the Onyx as a “smart walkie-talkie” and a “real-life Star Trek communicator.” Really, the device is a wearable push-to-talk device with a microphone and speaker built in that saves users the trouble of moving their phone up to their head or jamming a pair of headphones in their ears. The walkie-talkie bit is a reference to the fact… Read More

  • Inside, Robot

    Inside, Robot

    Before the robots replace us we will make love to them. This point is becoming increasingly clear as I wander through the odd world of teledildonics and marvel at the leaps and bounds by which the technology – once in the realm of fantasy – has become a mundane reality. If you are skittish or squeamish about human sexuality I beseech you to click out right now or visit another… Read More

  • Blackberry Onyx has identity crisis, steals Gemini's trackpad

    Onyx, I think it’s time we had a talk. Look, we know that your brothers Bold and Tour have set the bar pretty high. Hell, I’d cut a toe off for either one right now if I could. In the end though, your life is all about you. People will buy you and care about you, just like your brothers. I mean, just look at your spec sheet: quad-band GSM, 3.2 megapixel camera, 480 by 360 display… Read More

  • XtremeMac's New iPhone Cases Are, In Fact, Cases

    Owners of the iPhone will inevitably want to keep their prized possession looking as fresh and new as the day they bought it, but we all have different tastes so XtremeMac has released the Onyx, SportWrap and TuffWrap to satisfy them. The Onyx is built for the professional with fine black leather and white stitching and an integrated belt clip to show everyone in the board room you’re a… Read More