• OnOne Remote DSLR Controller Comes To The iPad

    You might be familiar with OnOne, an app used for controlling tethered Nikon and Canon DSLRs remotely. Well I just thought I’d let you shooters out there know that it’s been updated to support the iPad, which in my opinion makes it much more useful. The larger UI makes for error-free adjustments, and the higher-resolution viewing area means you can check focus and other details… Read More

  • Simple wireless live view monitor lets you control your DSLR from a distance

    You can get this functionality in an iPhone app (onOne), but it probably kills your battery, and besides: in photography, more accessories equals more glory. So check out this little doodad — it hooks onto your camera’s hot shoe and beams a signal to a little LCD monitor, where you can adjust aperture, take an exposure, and so on. Read More

  • OnOne's DSLR App for iPhone approved – go to it

    The very useful-looking DSLR Camera Remote app for iPhone has finally (finally) been updated to version 1.1. Those of you who haven’t been following along wouldn’t know that this is a major release, adding Nikon support to the mix. That’s great news for Nikon owners, obviously, but Canon shooters like myself also will find an improved interface, bugfixes, and new… Read More

  • Will your DSLR work with v1.1 of onOne's DSLR iPhone app?

    onOne is hard at work on v1.1 of their popular DSLR app or so says Mike Wong (the update should be submitted early next week) and while we wait for the update to get pushed out, the boys in Portland have published a list of compatible DSLRs. Read More

  • onOne updates UI for DSLR remote control iPhone app

    The boys at onOne are still on track for a July release of their popular DSLR remote control app and with v1.1 comes a new UI. As you can see, controls have been moved around to make things a bit more accessible and user friendly. Other than a UI update and support for Nikon DSLRs, onOne is mum on what else we can expect from the update app. Read More

  • onOne updates Canon DSLR support, Nikon support in v1.1

    Portland-based onOne Software has updated their list of supported Canon DSLRs for the DSLR Camera Remote app for the iPhone. Nikon owners should take note that the iPhone app will soon support Nikon DSLRs when v1.1 gets pushed out next month. Read More

  • iPhone app lets you shoot remotely with your Canon DSLR – Nikon support coming

    Now here’s an app many creative professionals might find useful. The DSLR Remote iPhone app lets you trigger your camera’s shutter, adjust almost any of its settings, and view photos it’s taken. The catch, unfortunately, is that the camera needs to be wired to a computer for this to work. Even so, I can think of plenty of situations where this could come in handy, though… Read More

  • DSLR Remote: An iPhone app that takes DSLR pictures remotely

    It’s not out yet but there’s a new app that lets you take photos from your EOS Canon camera using your iPhone. You still have to connect the camera to your laptop via USB but the system transmits Live View video to the iPhone and then lets you take the snap at the decisive moment. Read More