OnLive Adds Group Voice Chat, Parental Controls And Facebook Achievement Sharing

Cloud gaming service <a href="">OnLive</a> has been getting better and better. We had a blast checking out the OnLive booth <a href="

OnLive Brings Proper Gaming To Tablets, HDTVs And We Go Hands-On At E3 2011

<img src="">OnLive did E3 big this year. The remote gaming company launched a ton of new games, a universal controller, and displa

OnLive Shows Us Their Updated Client And Tablet Interface

<img src="" /><a href="">OnLive</a> ain't new, but they've been updating their service and are showi

Pre-Order THQ's Homefront, Get A Free OnLive Console

<img src="" /><a HREF="">THQ</a> has teamed up with <a HREF="

HTC Invests In OnLive: Game Streaming To Phones Coming Soon?

<img src="">According to <a HREF="">WSJ report</a>, HTC has

OnLive Has "No Agenda" To Take On Netflix

<img src="" />As <a href="">OnLive</a> has continued to grow and prove itself <em>not to be an elabo

The OnLive Viewer iPad/Android App Shows What The Future Might Be For Mobile Computing

<img src="">OnLive is quickly turning into a major force in the gaming and mobile fields. The on-demand gaming service launched la

WSJ: Amazon, Onlive Developing Netflix-like Subscription Streaming Services

<img src="">Netflix is currently the big dog of the movie streaming game but offerings from several established companies might put up a

OnLive PlayPack: Unlimited Access To 40+ Games For $9.99 A Month

<img src="">I get <a href="">OnLive</a>. I've played with the new unit for a few days now and it's c

OnLive PlayPack: Unlimited Access To 40+ Games For $9.99 A Month

<img src="">I get <a href="">OnLive</a>. I've played with the new unit for a few days now and it's c

OnLive Finally Comes To Your Living Room

<img src="" />It was quite a while back when we first tried out <a href="">OnLive</a>, and got our f

OnLive Drops Monthly Access Fee

<img src="" />Everyone's favorite game-streaming service, <a href="">OnLive</a>, has changed up i

OnLive now running on Macs

<img src="">Get thee to the downloadery for <a HREF="">OnLive</a> now works on Macs. You can download a small file

OnLive Cloud Gaming Service goes live June 17

Take that, naysayers! OnLive, the cloud gaming service designed to allow you to play almost any game over the Internet is going live on June 17 and, thanks to a partnership with AT&T, the service

Not everyone wants their hand held when PC gaming

<img src="" />One of the bigger stories this past week was <a HREF="

OnLive strikes deal with BT in the UK, brings streaming video game service across the pond

<img src="" /><a HREF="">OnLive</a>, the streaming video game service that threatens to change the w

GDC: OnLive's Cloud-Powered Gaming Service To Launch June 17

<img class="shot2" src="" alt="" />During the GamesBeat keynote at GDC today, <a href="//">OnLive</a> CEO <a href="http://ww

OnLive demoed; lag and image quality may indeed be an issue

<img src="" />There are people beta testing <a href="">OnLive </a>out there, an

Video: OnLive demonstrated at Columbia University

<img src="" />You remember <a href="">OnLive</a>. The service, which lets you p

TC50: Spawn Labs Is Slingbox For Video Games

<a href=""><img src="" width="215" height="107" />Slingbox</a> owners love their dev
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