Microsoft is building low-cost, streaming-only Xbox, says report

It was revealed at E3 last month that Microsoft was building a cloud gaming system. A report today calls that system Scarlett Cloud and it’s only part of Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox strategy

OnLive Is Now Streaming Top-Tier Games To The Wikipad Gaming Tablet

Remember OnLive? Despite a messy sale to escape a dark and stormy financial picture, the company lives on, and in March it launched its new CloudLift subscription gaming service. Today, it's partnerin

Amazon’s Set Top Box Will Be A Dongle Like Chromecast, Could Feature OnLive-Style Streaming

Amazon is readying a game console/set top box of its own, and we’ve learned from multiple sources familiar with the device that the Lab126-produced gadget will have a form factor similar to the

OnLive Brings On New Executive Chairman And Launches New Cloud Gaming Features

OnLive is still trying to bring gaming to the cloud despite a rocky last couple of years. Today, the company announced significant new services and the appointment of a new Executive Chairman. Meet Ma

OnLive Makes Good On Its Promise, Brings Its Cloud Gaming Service To LG’s G2 Smart TVs

These days OnLive is probably known as much for its unexpected meltdown as it is for its promise to deliver streaming video games to the masses, but ever since the company reformed it seems to have re

OnLive Was OnDead Last Summer: $18 Million In Debt, Sold For $4.8 Million

Another step in the <a href="">OnLive</a> saga comes to us from the <a target="_blank" href="

Agawi Launches Windows 8 Cloud Gaming, Talks Avoiding OnLive’s Pitfalls

Cloud-based gaming provider <a target="_blank" href="">Agawi</a>, which began life as iSwifter for iPad with a much more narrow focus on delivering Flash-based gaming to Apple's tablet

Founder Steve Perlman Is Leaving OnLive, Investor Gary Lauder Takes Over As Chairman

Cloud gaming company <a target="_blank" href="">OnLive</a> has announced that the company's founder and CEO <a target="_blank" href="

iSwifter Reveals Itself As “Agawi,” Announces Second Version Of Cloud Gaming Platform For Publishers

The Menlo Park-based company formerly known as <a target="_blank" href="">iSwifter</a> has announced version 2.0 of its cloud gaming platform to offer more co

OnLive Sold To OnLive And Nothing Will Change, “Heartbreaking Transition” Notwithstanding

Faced with a dire financial situation, OnLive has been sold to another company that will do business under the name OnLive. Because the move is an "Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors," wrote Jane

Source: OnLive Found A Buyer, Cleaned House To Reduce Liability Prior To Acquisition (UPDATED)

We're hearing from a reliable source that OnLive's founder and CEO Steve Perlman finally decided to make an exit -- and in the process, is screwing the employees who helped build the company and brand

OnLive To Ship On The OUYA Android Gaming Device

The OUYA could change the gaming scene. The low price Android gaming set-top box has the makings of something great. But as the old saying goes, content is king and without killer titles, the OUYA wil

The $99 Vizio Co-Star Google TV Box Is Now Available To Pre-Order

Vizio pulled off a sort of coup with the <a href="">Co-Star</a>. This $99 Google TV box packs more features than Sony's latest model and is half the pri

Vizio Announces The Co-Star, A $99 Google TV Box With OnLive Gaming Built In

Watch out, Sony, Vizio is chasing your tail. Just <a target="_blank" href="">yesterday Sony revealed</a> its latest Google TV hardware, a $199 remake of the

E3 Rumor: Sony Partnering With Cloud Gaming Provider

According to a very short, very rumor-filled <a HREF="">VG24/7 piece</a>, Sony is looking at adding cloud-enabled gaming

OnLive Adds “Cloud-Accelerated Browsing” To Its Streaming-Desktop Stable

You're probably familiar with OnLive, the company that made its mark by streaming brand new console and PC games to whatever devices could support a high-bandwidth video stream. Many doubted its techn

Announcing The 2011 Crunchies Finalists And Tickets On Sale Now

The nominations have been tabulated and the votes are in. Over 300,000 nominations were calculated across 20 categories. Along with our partners <a href="" target="_blank">GigaOm</a>

Onlive Now Beaming Console Games From The Cloud To iOS/Android Devices (Hands-on Video)

The claims are magnificent: "The latest, top-tier, high-performance games...on over 500 million mobile devices." The results are slightly less than spectacular, but still impressive enough to complete

OnLive Feels The Facebook Love, Offers Any Game For $1

OnLive offered a challenge to their community: Get 62,791 likes on <a href="">its Facebook page</a> and all users would get one game for $1. Well, OnLive's fans c

OnLive Teams Up With GameSpot To Embed Game Demos In Reviews

Game reviews are always inadequate, in that while they can describe how it feels to control your guy, or how the level design is frustrating, you can only kind of get it. Video reviews help, but you c
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