• Online thrift store ThredUP is opening physical retail locations

    Online thrift store ThredUP is opening physical retail locations

    ThredUP, the online secondhand clothing store that has raised over $130M in funding is going old school. The startup has announced they will be opening at least five brick and mortar retail stores by the end of the year, with the first one soft-opening today in San Marcos, Texas. Why San Marcos, a small town of ~60,000 located somewhere between the cities of San Antonio and… Read More

  • Samsung Gear VR Sold Out Online At Amazon And Best Buy

    Samsung Gear VR Sold Out Online At Amazon And Best Buy

    If you didn’t pre-order the new consumer version of Samsung Gear VR, you might have some difficulty finding it on your favorite online shopping destinations. Amazon and Best Buy, both places that have been touted as having a supply of the virtual reality accessory, are showing “temporarily out of stock” and “sold out online” messages… Read More

  • Online Labs Designed Its Own ARM Servers To Take On AWS, DigitalOcean

    Online Labs Designed Its Own ARM Servers To Take On AWS, DigitalOcean

    A couple of years ago, the team behind Online Labs started a long ambitious project — instead of building a virtual cloud hosting infrastructure that competes directly with Amazon Web Services, DigitalOcean and other VPS providers, it designed its own hardware for its cloud solution. Online Labs managed to squeeze 912 separate computers in a single server rack. But the best part is that… Read More

  • Amazon’s Grocery Business Learns From Webvan That Rapid Growth Is The Enemy Of Fresh

    Amazon’s Grocery Business Learns From Webvan That Rapid Growth Is The Enemy Of Fresh

    Amazon is moving deeper into at-home grocery delivery with AmazonFresh, which is expanding to L.A. as of last week, and which is set to continue to roll out to further markets over the course of this year and beyond. But it learned to take things slow from Webvan, the famous home grocery delivery flare-out of the 90s, and also to limit delivery areas to only high density urban areas, and to… Read More

  • Mobile App Inventory On Track To Match Online Display Ad Spend By Year-End

    Mobile App Inventory On Track To Match Online Display Ad Spend By Year-End

    Mobile app analytics firm Flurry released a new report comparing the U.S. mobile app inventory to traditional Internet display advertising spend, and the results are impressive. According to data pulled from over 100,000 mobile apps on Flurry’s network, app inventory is poised to absorb the equivalent of the U.S. online display ad spend by the end of 2011, says the firm, assuming… Read More

  • What Makes People Act Like Jerks Online?

    It’s no secret that people can be jerks on the Internet. Lord knows that I’ve seen my fair share of flame wars all over the place in my travels. Penny-Arcade noted as much six years ago with the famous equation: normal person + anonymity + audience = total fuckwad. And check your work… yup, fuckwad. Even given this bulletproof equation, the question becomes why. Read More

  • Pew Research: More People Got Their News Online Yesterday Than From A Print Newspaper

    The Pew Research Center, which regularly surveys U.S. consumers about their media consumption habits, put out a report which shows that more people are getting their news online than from print newspapers. In response to a survey question asking people where they got their news yesterday, 34 percent answered online versus only 31 percent from a daily newspaper. If this doesn’t sound… Read More

  • learns that Web sites work best when they're actually online

    Call me crazy, but Web sites usually work best when they’re online. Nobody knows this better than we do here at CrunchGear, where the site is down a good 20 percent of the time. But at the very least you’re not paying for our crummy service, unlike the poor customers. Fox wants $45 per season for online access to a whole host of content, including live games from all… Read More

  • Mailround goes electronic as Finland tries scanning its post

    Would you like to read the regular postal mail that comes through your letterbox on a PC, e-reader or mobile over breakfast? Then move to Finland. Within two weeks, the state-owned national mail enterprise, Itella, will begin opening, scanning and distributing letters electronically to some Finnish households and companies. Yes, you read that right. Postal workers will be opening your… Read More

  • What happens first: Team USA wins the World Cup or people start paying for online news?

    Would you pay for access to The Huffington Post? The Guardian? Or, gasp, CrunchGear? People in the news business are trying to figure out how to get by, let alone make a profit, and a recent Pew survey suggests that people have no idea what’s going on. Six in 10 Americans now get at least part of their news online, but the question remains: are people willing to pay? Read More

  • Popular Science archives are now online

    Back in the old days, when people got their tech news from stacks of paper stapled together called “magazines,” Popular Science was a nerd’s dream. It was full of all sorts of exciting things, had less nudity in it than Omni (Note: This is not a good thing but your parents would buy it for you), and let you dream of jet packs. This is not to say that that old stalwart… Read More

  • Survey: 13 percent of teens have posted nude photos of themselves online

    A new poll, conducted by Common Sense Media, suggests that teens are complete idiots when it comes to comporting themselves online. A whopping 13 percent of teens have posted online nude or semi-nude photos of themselves or someone they know. And then some 25 percent of teens have posted something online that they later regretted. You know, drunk photos and the like. Read More

  • The sky is falling! Computer Shopper Magazine going all-digital

    Those of you that have been screaming that print is dead have another feather to put in your cap: venerable Computer Shopper Magazine will cease production of its printer version come April of this year. All future editions will be freely available online, supported by a variety of advertising and revenue streams. Computer Shopper’s plans for a free online edition are contrary to many… Read More

  • A cyber success! Cyber Monday 2008 was 15 percent bigger than last year's

    Good news, everyone! Cyber Monday 2008: Great Depression Edition was a tremendous success for online retailers, which saw a 15 percent volume increase over 2007. That’s what Comscore says, at least. Consumers were tricked into spending $846 million on Monday, compared with $733 million last year. Year-by-year growth isn’t exactly breaking news, but considering the sorry state of… Read More

  • Will online streaming change the way we watch sports?

    Let’s revisit a topic that we addressed several months ago: illicit online streaming of television broadcasts, namely sports. This is different from going to the Pirate Bay a few hours after a show airs and downloading a file. We’re talking about, hey, the big game’s on, let’s go to or ustream to watch it. Read More

  • Sony's Crackle going to try its hand at original online content

    Sony is set to announce a re-launch of video entertainment network site Crackle today, with a roll-out of a number of new web shows including sketches by L.A. comedy troupe “The Groundlings”, a video game show called “The Jace Hall Show” and a five-minute talk show dubbed “Anytime with Bob Kushell” hosted by a Hollywood writer. Read more… Read More

  • Time Warner tells price-gouging TV provider to take a long walk off a short pier

    We really ought to applaud Time Warner, I think. A company that owns the rights to broadcast some of the major networks in certain markets, LIN TV, has been playing hardball with the cable operator, demanding more money for access to the channels. Time Warner is all, “But, you can get these channels for free over the air, and many times online, why should we pay you (and raise our… Read More

  • Rick ‘Rickroll’ Astley up for ‘best act ever’ award Great news. Great, great news. Rick Astley of Rickrolling fame is up for the “Best Act Ever” award at the MTV Europe Music Awards this year. He’ll be competing against U2, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Green Day, and Tokio Hotel. I think we can all agree that not one of those acts can hold a candle to… Read More

  • Trends in rich media consumption and delivery

    Here’s an interesting Q and A session with a panel of experts in the rich media industry — mostly online video – that took place last Tuesday at the Pacific Crest Technology Leadership Forum in Vail, Colorado. The members of the panel: Ron Bloom, CEO, MEVIO Mike Hudack, CEO, Steve Liddell, CEO, Panther Express Joy Marcus, General Manager, DailyMotion U.S. Perry… Read More

  • NFL to stream games online this season

    The NFL will broadcast games online this fall, bucking its previous “the Internet is evil, sue, sue, sue!” methodology. The NFL’s broadcast partner, NBC, will stream select games this season, streams that appear to be the real deal. That is, NBC will stream the very same TV feed that you’re used to watching, complete with John Madden’s insightful commentary. Read More