Online Safety Bill

Tech bosses who willingly flout UK online child safety rules to face criminal liability

The U.K. government has confirmed it will expand criminal liability powers contained in draft online safety legislation which is currently making its way through parliament with the aim of preventing

UK confirms removal of Online Safety Bill’s ‘legal but harmful’ clause

The U.K. government has completed a major revision to controversial but populist online safety legislation that’s been in the works for years — and was finally introduced to parliament ear

UK expands Online Safety Bill to criminalize encouraging self harm

The U.K. government has said it will further expand the scope of online safety legislation by criminalizing the encouragement of self-harm — in a bid to tackle what it describes as “tragic

UK to criminalize deepfake porn sharing without consent

Brace for yet another expansion to the U.K.’s Online Safety Bill: The Ministry of Justice has announced changes to the law that are aimed at protecting victims of revenge porn, pornographic deep

Surveillance powers in UK’s Online Safety Bill are risk to E2EE, warns legal expert

Independent legal analysis of a controversial U.K. government proposal to regulate online speech under a safety-focused framework — aka the Online Safety Bill — says the draft bill contain

UK government denies fresh delay to Online Safety Bill will derail it

The U.K. government has denied a fresh parliamentary delay to the Online Safety Bill will delay the legislation’s passage. The legislation is a core plank of the government’s 2019 manifest

UK watchdog gives first report into how video sharing sites are tackling online harms

The U.K.’s media watchdog, Ofcom, has published a debut┬áreport on its first year regulating a selection of video-sharing platforms (VSPs) — including TikTok, Snapchat, Twitch, Vimeo and O

Coroner’s report into UK schoolgirl’s suicide urges social media regulation

A ‘Prevention of Future Deaths’ report following a U.K. coroner’s inquest into the suicide of British schoolgirl, Molly Russell, who killed herself almost five years ago after viewin

UK to change Online Safety Bill limits on ‘legal but harmful’ content for adults

Changes are incoming to draft online safety legislation in the U.K. which continues to attract controversy over the impact on free speech. The draft Online Safety Bill has already been years in the ma

UK closely probing four tech firms over kids’ privacy code breaches

The U.K. could be gearing up to hit a handful of tech firms with enforcement orders (and potentially fines) related to a children’s online privacy and safety Code which has been in force for a y

UK’s Online Safety Bill on pause pending new PM

A major populist but controversial piece of U.K. legislation to regulate internet content through a child safety-focused frame is on pause until the fall when the government expects to elect a new pri

UK could force E2E encrypted platforms to do CSAM-scanning

The U.K. government has tabled an amendment to the Online Safety Bill that could put it on a collision course with end-to-end encryption. It’s proposing to give the incoming internet regulator,

UK to combat Russia’s ‘hostile online warfare’ by forcing internet firms to remove disinformation

The U.K. government is pushing to make “foreign interference” such as disinformation a priority offence under its proposed Online Safety Bill, forcing technology firms to remove contraveni

UK wants to replace cookie pop-ups with browser-based opt-outs

The U.K. government has published its final response to a data ‘reform’ consultation it kicked off last year, laying out how it intends to diverge from EU-based data protection rules. At f

Social media giants are failing women, finds Ofcom

Ofcom, the U.K.’s soon-to-be social media harms watchdog under incoming online safety legislation, has warned tech platforms that they are failing to take women’s safety seriously. Publish

UK opts for slow reboot of Big Tech rules, pushes ahead on privacy ‘reforms’

The U.K. government has confirmed it will move forward on a major ex ante competition reform aimed at Big Tech, as it set out its priorities for the new parliamentary session earlier today. However it

UK parliament invites Twitter-lovin’ Musk to talk ‘authenticating all humans’

The British parliament has invited Elon Musk to “discuss the future of Twitter” because we live in deeply wild times. If Musk agrees to speak to parliamentarians on the Digital, Culture, M

Tech CEOs to face faster criminal liability under UK online safety law

The U.K. is speeding up the application of powers that could see tech CEOs sent to prison if their businesses fail to comply with incoming safety-focused internet content legislation, the government c

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UK expands Online Safety Bill to cover scam ads and eyes wider reforms

The UK government has again announced an extension to the scope of the draft Online Safety Bill — this time bringing scam ads into scope following pressure from campaigners. In parallel, it has
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