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Real estate tech startup Offerpad to go public via SPAC merger in $3B deal

Offerpad is the latest proptech company to go public via a SPAC merger. The Phoenix, Ariz.-based company announced Thursday its plans to go public by merging with Supernova Partners Acquisition Compan

La Haus is bringing US tech services to Latin America’s real estate market

The alchemy for a successful startup can be hard to parse. Sometimes, it’s who you know. Sometimes it’s where you go to school. And sometimes it’s what you do. In the case of La Haus

Trulia founder Pete Flint backs real estate startup Modus

Modus raises $12.5 million Series A co-led by NFX’s Pete Flint and Niki Pezeshki of Felicis Ventures.

Allre Lets You Buy And Sell Your House Online Without A Real Estate Agent

The Internet has disintermediated almost every business that used to rely on brokers -- except for the real estate industry. There, we still pay huge fees to agents who often do very little for their

Who Will Disrupt Real Estate?

I don't even want to imagine what looking for a house was like <a target="_blank" href="">in the 80s</a>.

Trulia Launches Redesigned iPad App With Improved Navigation, Listing Pages And Maps

The U.S. real estate market is seeing a bit of a rebound right now and, with it, real estate-related online services like Zillow, Redfin and Trulia and newcomers like Houzz are also getting back in