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Following GrubHub IPO, Online Food Ordering Platform EatStreet Raises $6 Million

<a target="_blank" href="">EatStreet</a>, an online and mobile food ordering service which initially gained traction by targeting secondary markets across the U.S., outside the b

Online Ordering Platform For Restaurants EatStreet Raises $2 Million Series A By Focusing On Underserved Markets

The online ordering market for restaurants has a new competitor today. A startup called <a target="_blank" href="">EatStreet</a> has made it to Series A by targeting the secondary

OLO, An Online And Mobile Ordering Platform For Restaurants, Grabs $5 Million In New Funding From PayPal & Others

<a target="_blank" href="">OLO</a>, the New York-based online and mobile ordering platform for restaurants, has raised a $5 million Series B round of funding from <a target="_blank"

Teburu Debuts An Android-Based Online & Mobile Ordering Platform For Restaurants

<a target="_blank" href="">Teburu</a>, a newly launched tablet-based online and mobile ordering system for restaurants, is now live with a handful of restaurant chains in the Sou