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He wrote about clickbait but what happened next will stun you

John Biggs Contributor Share on X John Biggs is a writer, consultant, programmer, former East Coast Editor and current contributing writer for TechCrunch. He writes mainly about technology, cryptocurr

How paid journalism must work online — and why Blendle can’t

I write. I work with writers. I studied English -- many of my friends became journalists. The future of being able to charge for quality material online is really important to me. However, to make pro

The Shade Room is in Facebook jail, missing its 4 million followers there

Facebook 86’ed The Shade Room from its platform today for unknown reasons. The celebrity gossip and news publisher attracted about 4.2 million followers on Facebook. We reached out to The Shade Roo

Blendle Grabs $3.8M To Expand Its ‘Spotify For Journalism’

Dutch startup Blendle, which is applying a Netflix style marketplace model to journalism, allowing web users of its website to buy individual articles from a range of publishers and publications for