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Elon Musk’s ‘thermonuclear’ lawsuit over hate-adjacent ads on X… actually confirms them

Elon Musk’s X, formerly Twitter, has filed a lawsuit alleging defamation by a news organization over claims that major companies had ads appear next to antisemitic content. But the suit appears

Apple, Disney, Comcast among X advertisers pausing spending after Musk endorsed antisemitic post

After X owner Elon Musk amplified antisemitic conspiracy theories on the platform, numerous high-profile advertisers have paused their spending on the platform formerly known as Twitter. Since Friday,

Backlash builds after Elon Musk called an antisemitic conspiracy theory the ‘actual truth’

Elon Musk has encouraged extremists and white supremacists throughout his yearlong tenure as the owner of X, formerly Twitter, but this week he still managed to push the limits of what behavior mainst

X is leaving up antisemitic and Islamophobic hate, new report shows

In the midst of escalating conflict in the Middle East, X is failing to moderate hate speech on its platform that promotes antisemitic conspiracies, praises Hitler and dehumanizes Muslims and Palestin