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How the VPN industry is creating its stake in online gaming

From single-player, 16-bit 2D arcade games to free-to-play online multi-player games, the gaming industry has come a long way in the last decade. We can only watch with awe as newer games surprise us

Endemol Bets On Gaming, Leads $14 Million Round In Social Casino Startup Plumbee

Endemol, the Netherlands-based TV production house known for game shows like Fear Factor and Deal Or No Deal, is now making a bet on online gambling. The company today announced that it has made a str

After 10M Downloads, BlueStacks Takes On OUYA With Game Console And $6.99 All-You-Can-Play Service

<a target="_blank" href="">BlueStacks</a>, the startup known for bringing Android apps to PCs and Macs, has been growing like a weed. Last week, the company announced that it

What Games Are: Real-Money Gaming Is Really Boring

It may be the case that real-money gambling is inching its way to reality in the U.S., much as it has in the rest of the world, but if so it's a phenomenally boring story. It's hard to get excited abo

As Flickr Co-Founder Butterfield Shuts Down Glitch, Is He Planning A New Photo Service? ‘You Will Know It Well,’ He Says

Glitch, the online, multiplayer gaming world created by Tiny Speck, is <a target="_blank" href="">closing down December 9</a> after <a target="_blank" href="http://www.g

Online Gaming Group Sells Poker Network Ongame To Amaya For Up To $32.2M

Canada's Amaya Gaming is to buy's B2B poker network Ongame in a deal worth up to €25 million ($32.2 million). An initial payment of €15 million ($19.3 million) is payable in cash on com

Electronic Arts Buys Online Gaming Studio ESN, The Developers Behind Battlefield’s Battlelog Online Social Network

<a target="_blank" href="">Electronic Arts</a> continues to beef up its cloud-based gaming offerings. Today it was announced that it is buying ESN, developers of the Planet web-based

With $25M From Benchmark And Larry Summers Advising, Can Minerva Build An Online Ivy?

Well, we've said it before: Technology is changing education. <a href="">It's flipping the classroom</a>, bringing <a href="https://be

Home Is Where The Mobile Game Is: 96% Play Games In The House, 53% In Bed

The magic of mobile games is that they can be played anywhere, but it turns out that quite a lot of us are more than happy to play them when not on the move, according to a new survey from mobile ente

Trion Brings Twitter and YouTube Into The Online Gaming Experience

<img src="" /> When I was growing up, games were played offline -- whether it was <a href="">N

An early look at Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online

If you groaned a groaning groan at the announcement that the PC version of Tiger Woods would be online-only, cheer up. I played around with the beta for a while yesterday and came away impressed.

Thirty Helens Agree: Xbox Live gaming should be free

I, along with 30 Helens, agree with Don Reisinger on the subject of Xbox Live. Xbox Live Gold memberships should be free. I actually can’t speak for the aforementioned Helens, so let’s just say th

Video: G4's Adam Sessler is a little tired of all the name-calling, racism found on Xbox Live Do you guys know Adam Sessler, the host of G4’s X-Play? He has a problem with all the swearing, racism and general malfeasance found on Xbox Live and other forms of

Second Skin, an MMORPG documentary

I thought Darkon was going to be cool, but this looks even more interesting. It’s a documentary film about the ways, positive and negative, in which MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, Everquest and

Skype To Offer Gaming Connectivity

Skype has announced that it will be offering a software developer’s kit (SDK) for its new GameXN framework. The plan is for Skype users to be able to invite one another into online games. No wor

MYST Goes Episodic With GameTap

Long before there was that strange island on LOST, there was the strange island in the game MYST. Now after several sequels, a few more mysteries might just be solved as Myst Online: Uru Live transiti

NPD's Online Gaming Survey: 42 Percent of Online Gamers are Girls; Wii Owners Most Likely to Play Online

The NPD Group tracks all sorts of data related to video games and a report due out later today breaks down just exactly the online gaming world looks like. There’s two big shockers right off the

Research Suggests $4.4 Billion Online Market In 2010

Research firm Parks Associates has announced that it will be releasing research details at the Austin Game Conference suggesting that the online game market in North America will grow from $1.1 billio