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WaystoCap is bringing Africa’s cross-border trade into the digital era

WaystoCap is an e-commerce firm taking part in the current Y Combinator program. Wait… “E-commerce, meh, done to death…” I hear you say…. True in part. Yes, in the U.S.,

Warby-As-A-Service? Backed By Reddit, Posterous Founders, Eponym Helps Brands Build And Distribute Their Own Eyewear

Over the last few years, a new wave of startups has emerged to tackle a range of inefficient, ignored or offline segments within the massive world of fashion and retail. The maturation of the Web and

Visa Adds, Its Biggest Retail Catch Yet, To Its Digital Wallet

<a target="_blank" href="">Visa</a> today is announcing a key development in its bid to build a ubiquitous digital wallet service to compete against the likes of <a target="_blank"