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There’s an access code for Visible in its online ad

Sometimes it pays to click on the ads. Verizon’s poorly kept startup secret, Visible, the new app-based phone service that provides all-in voice, data and text for $40 does have an access code f

Can data science save social media?

The unfettered internet is too often used for malicious purposes and is frequently woefully inaccurate. Social media -- especially Facebook -- has failed miserably at protecting user privacy and block

Google took down 1.7 billion dodgy ads in 2016, over twice as many as in 2015

Google has been under the gun when it comes to the power of its massive ad network — the biggest on the internet — being used for nefarious purposes, but the search giant is intent on usin

Mobile Web Surfers Again Facing Unexpected Redirects To App Store, Native Apps

Remember the early days of web surfing? You'd be happily browsing through your favorite sites, clicking links - then, boom! - your screen was littered with pop-up advertisements! The problem became so

Adobe’s Search Ad Report: U.S. Search Spend Up 9%, Google CPC Up 4%

Ahead of Google's quarterly earnings announcement, Adobe today released its latest ad data report for search ads. Based on what the company is seeing on its Marketing Cloud, U.S. search ad spend grew

Online Advertising Revenues Up 23 Percent Since Q1 2010, Reach $7.3 Billion

<img src="" />Best. first. quarter. evar. Some good news in today from the online advertising industry: The Interactive Advertising Bureau