Onkyo launches the CBX-Z20 iPod sound system

You know what the world needs? No, not more gadget blogs; more iPod docks and Onkyo is pleased to help the cause. The CBX-Z20 AERO sound system is going to be released later this month and seems to be

Onkyo has wireless headphones for the iPod now

Tired of the tyranny of headphone wires when listening to “Headphone Silence” on your iPod 200 times in a row? Who isn’t! Lucky for you there’s Onkyo’s MHP-UW2, a pair of

Onkyo Japan to release inexpensive, Sotec-branded notebook

Onkyo yesterday announced in Japan [JP] that it will enter the market for low-priced notebooks, starting with a Sotec machine, which is priced at about $570. The so-called DC101 minimum PC will be rel

New Onkyo audio setup is close, but no cigar just yet

We’re getting closer to the point where I’ll actually be convinced not to use my laptop as a media center. This Onkyo system has about half of what I’m looking for – it’s

Onkyo releases stereo system with HDD and featuring "floating technology"

Today Onkyo unveiled a new stereo system which will go on sale in Japan on June 28th. The Nippon-only BR-NX10A is priced at $710. It comes with two bookshelf speakers, a CD player and an LCD color dis

Onkyo launches three new attractive full home theater systems

Onkyo today dropped a trio of home theater in a box set-ups, and they’re fairly affordable, full-featured systems. The HT-S3100 is your basic 5.1 home theater system with capacity to hand HDTV v

Onkyo debuts pair of entry-level HDMI-handling AV receivers

[photopress:onkyos.jpg,full,center] Onkyo makes good home theater gear, and today we get word of two new affordable receivers. They’re coming out in April, and they seem pretty sweet, as far as

Onkyo's entry-level 5.1 system gets reviewed

[photopress:onkyo304frnt400.jpg,full,center] I’m nuts about home theater, it’s true. But that’s because I’m something of an audiophile as well as a videophile, natch. I think i

HD DVD in trouble??? Onkyo stops HD DVD production

Okay you guys, listen up for a second. I’ve got some bad news. It’s been a long and winding road and we’ve all fought really hard, but it appears that HD DVD might actually be on its

Onkyo latest to cause grief to HD DVD camp

[photopress:ONKYO.jpg,full,center] Oh no! Yet another manufacturer is dropping support for HD-DVD, this time coming from home theater heartthrobs Onkyo . While not committing to total abandonment of t

Onkyo DV-HD805 HD DVD Player

This format war will drag on until we’re long since bored with it, if we’re not already. Onkyo’s shiny new HD DVD player, the DV-HD805, takes full advantage of the format’s ext

Onkyo CBX-Z1: It's A Radio, It's An iPod Dock

You wouldn’t believe how dreary it is in the greater New York region right now, so dreary, in fact, that I’ve lost the will to call out Onkyo for making yet another iPod speaker+dock. The

Onkyo 7.1 Amplifier Is Golden

Onkyo’s newest amplifier is dipped in gold so it must be the shizzle! The TX-SA505 looks to be a powerhouse with all the goods packed into the golden-hue casing. It claims to improve the sound quali

Onkyo VR-1000J Video Recorder

Onkyo has just released its newest media recorder, the VR-1000J, and guess what? Everything you choose to record from TV or any other video source is fully compatible with Sony’s little wonder b

Holidays 2006: The Season's Best Home-Theater-In-A-Box Systems

With all the talk about screen resolutions on HDTV sets, people tend to forget about the other important part of the high-def experience: 5.1-channel surround sound. So if you’ve got yourself a swee

Wireless Audio from Your USB Port to Your Stereo, on the Cheap

Onkyo has submitted information about a sneaky new set top box and matching wireless USB device (not Wireless USB, the forthcoming new standard) that streams audio to your stereo via your PC’s U

Onkyo DS-A2 Remote Interactive

Onkyo announced today the DS-A2 iPod dock, an update to to the DS-A1. The new dock can display track listings and video on a TV. It includes a dedicated remote control and can be paired with any A/V r

Onkyo Launches New 1080p Receivers

Onkyo makes some great stuff. If I weren’t always on the verge of financial ruin I’d probably get myself one of these. Anyway, the TX-SR674 and the TX-SR604 receivers feature a bevy of hig