• OneRiot Fights Its Way To A New $7 Million Round

    OneRiot, the real-time search engine, has just announced a new $7 million Series C funding round led by Appian Ventures, Commonwealth Capital Ventures, and Spark Capital. The company blog has just posted more information. While the real-time search space is particularly hot at the moment, OneRiot has been focusing on opening up and expanding its APIs to allow others to tap into its data. Read More

  • Collecta Now Lets You Share Your Search Results In Realtime

    Realtime search for the most part is still mostly about searching Twitter. So it is probably a good idea for fledgling realtime search engines to make it easy to share specific Tweets found in the search results back on Twitter. Since most of the results are Tweets, and search is just another form of navigation and discovery when it comes to the realtime stream, you want to be able to… Read More

  • RiotFeeds Bundles Mundane-less Tweets To Give You The Best Relevant Links

    There’s no shortage of people who use their Twitter accounts for both personal and business use. That includes plenty of bloggers who send out links to all their articles along with their more mundane updates throughout the day. Some people love this, others hate it, as they just want the links. And while some sites, like TechCrunch, have an account basically just dedicated to those… Read More

  • OneRiot Real-Time Search API Now Open To All

    For some, it’s useful to go to OneRiot to search for links being tweeted or dugg in real-time. But for a lot of people it’s better if the sites and services they’re already using have the functionality built-in. That’s OneRiot’s intention in opening up its API to the public today. The site’s API, which has been in use with selected partners for several… Read More

  • Live Web, Real Time . . . Call It What You Will, It's Gonna Take A While To Get It

    This guest post is written by Mary Hodder, the founder Dabble. Prior to Dabble, Hodder consulted for a number of startups, did research at Technorati and wrote her masters thesis at Berkeley focusing on live web search looking at blog data. Real time search is nothing new. It is a problem we’ve been working on for at least ten years, and we likely will still be trying to solve it ten… Read More

  • Social Browser Extension Yoono Adds OneRiot's Real-Time Search Engine

    Yoono, an extension built to enhance both the Firefox and IE browser experience that comes in pretty handy when you go on the Internet mainly to interact socially with your peers and friends, has just released version 6.1 of its add-on, and revamped the interface along with adding a couple of useful features. I’ve been trying it out for a couple of hours now, and I have to say… Read More

  • Real-Time Search-Off

    Today saw the launch of two new real-time search engines, from OneRiot and Tweetmeme. While the two are slightly different in ways that I went into earlier, all that really matters are the results you get. So I put those two to the test along with Twitter Search, Google Search, FriendFeed and the recently launched Scoopler. To see which would give the best results based on a current event. One… Read More

  • Tweetmeme Launches The Second Real-Time Tweet Link Search — This Hour

    Tweetmeme, a service which tracks the most retweeted messages, has been growing fast and getting a lot of buzz as the best way to discover hot items on Twitter. So naturally, they want to get into the search game as well. But simple tweet search, others like Scoopler and Twitter itself have covered, so the decision was apparently made to get into the new buzzworthy Twitter search game… Read More

  • Twitter Is Talking Real-Time Link Search, But OneRiot Is Launching It Today

    There was a lot of buzz last week upon the announcement that Twitter would soon expand its search offering to crawl links tweeted out on top of the tweets themselves. The ramifications of such a move are potentially large, as it would seem to be a way for Twitter to serve up a tailored, real-time view of what’s hot around the web. Who knows how long it will take Twitter to actually do… Read More