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OnePlus is developing its own smart TV

Smartphone upstart OnePlus’s upcoming 6T flagship promises to bring changes — it’ll see it ditch the headphone jack and sport an in-screen fingerprint reader — but first ther

OnePlus says it’s temporarily halting European sales to meet increased demand

Say what you will about OnePlus’ now-defunct invite system — it certainly helped the company control its supplies and gauge demand. The launch of the OnePlus 3 marked a brave new, invite-free

The OnePlus 3 packs a flagship-sized punch at $399

A great phone doesn’t need a great back story. But it certainly doesn’t hurt. The world wasn’t exactly desperate for another player or a new spin on Android when OnePlus partnered with Cyanogen

The OnePlus 3 will launch invite-free on June 14th

OnePlus will be dropping one of its signature features from its upcoming smartphone. And really, it’s a good sign for the Chinese smartphone maker. Previous generations of handsets have been regulat

OnePlus gives away 30,000 VR headsets ahead of latest smartphone launch

OnePlus is making another push into VR after it announced plans to run the launch of its next smartphone in virtual reality (again), with a shopping experience to match. The China-based firm jumped on