• Twitter App Store Oneforty Refocuses On Helping Business Users Manage 'Social'

    When Oneforty launched two years ago as an app store for Twitter, the startup undoubtedly filled a hole in the media platform. The brainchild of Laura Fitton, the startup provides a comprehensive e-commerce marketplace where third-party developers on the Twitter platform can sell their apps. The idea was such a hit in the Twitter ecosystem that rumors swirled that Twitter was potentially… Read More

  • Oneforty Rolls Out Premium Twitter App Marketplace; Raises $1.9 Million

    There’s no doubt that Twitter has managed to create a vibrant ecosystem of third party apps and services around its microblogging platform. When we wrote about oneforty, a social app directory for all things Twitter, last year, the startup’s founder and CEO, Laura Fitton, hinted at the eventual roll-out of an e-commerce marketplace where third-party developers can sell their apps. Read More

  • Oneforty Launching Its Premium Twitter App Store In Alpha Next Week

    When we first wrote about Oneforty, the “App Store for Twitter” in September, founder Laura Fitton told us that plan was for the service to be a full-fledged e-commerce platform eventually. That will start happening next week, we’ve learned. Specifically, on January 12 (next Tuesday), Oneforty will announce its e-commerce alpha launch. With it, third-party Twitter… Read More

  • Twitter App Store oneforty Raises $1.6 Million, With More On The Way

    Twitter app directory oneforty has raised $1.6 million, according to an SEC filing. Of that, a previously undisclosed $375,000 is in the form of convertible debt already raised in a couple of angel rounds last year (which are converting to stock). So the company was able to raise $1.25 million in new money, and the filing indicates that the total offering amount will be $2.4 million… Read More

  • Should Twitter Buy Oneforty?

    We’ve heard an unconfirmed rumor that conversations are taking place between Twitter and Twitter-focused app marketplace oneforty. This is PURELY speculative and it’s unclear if talks are about a possible acquisition or a partnership. But if Twitter is thinking about going on a shopping spree, why would it consider oneforty? OneForty recently launched its marketplace to fill a gap… Read More

  • Twitter Needs An App Store, Oneforty Provides One

    With the explosion of Twitter mobile apps, web-based clients, and desktop applications, it was only a matter of time before someone launched an actual Twitter-focused app store. Oneforty has built a marketplace to for basically all things Twitter, helping developers get their creations found and letting users access a centralized place to find and buy Twitter-based technologies. We have… Read More

  • TechStars Debuts Nine Startups In Boston

    Editor’s note: The following report comes from Don Dodge, who blogs at Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing and is a business development executive for Microsoft. TechStars is a startup accelerator program that selects about ten companies and provides funding of $18,000 per team, as well as free office space, operational support, and mentoring from top investors, entrepreneurs and… Read More