Berkshire Hathaway reportedly agrees to buy stake in One97, owner of Paytm

Berkshire Hathaway has reportedly agreed to buy a stake in One97, the owner of India’s largest digital payments service Paytm . This would mark the first time the investment firm has invested in an

India’s Top Mobile Wallet App Adds Support For Payments To Bank Accounts

Paytm, the India-based mobile shopping and payments service operated by (now) Alibaba-backed One97, has introduced a big new feature that lets users transfer money to bank accounts.

Mobile Unicorns Multiply To Hit A Quarter Of A Trillion Dollars

Back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth (in late 2013), there were 38 tech unicorns worth over $130 billion. Mobile Internet has changed things in the last 12 months. A lot. Sixty-eight mobile unicorns a

Alibaba’s Financial Affiliate Takes 25% Stake In India’s One97, Owner Of Paytm

Ant Financial Services Group, an Alibaba Group affiliate, announced today that it will take a 25 percent stake in India’s One97 Communications as part of a strategic agreement. Ant Financial runs Al