Google Maps partners with India’s ONDC to add metro ticket booking

Google Maps will soon allow users in India to book metro tickets directly through the mapping app, the search giant announced as it deepens collaboration with the country’s open e-commerce netwo

India’s open e-commerce network expands to B2B transactions

The Indian government-backed open e-commerce network has been expanded to facilitate business-to-business (B2B) transactions — months after enabling transactions between consumers and merchants over

Walmart-backed payments giant PhonePe makes e-commerce push

In a move reminiscent of its successful early bet on the government-backed UPI network seven years ago, PhonePe, India’s leading mobile payments app, is now setting its sights on the e-commerce

India government-backed open e-commerce network expands to mobility

ONDC, the Indian government-backed initiative that is attempting to democratize e-commerce, has now set its eyes on the mobility industry.