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Starz CEO Jeffrey Hirsch on programming in a digital world

In the war between subscription video on-demand (SVOD) services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, Starz has been growing on the sidelines and fighting to be the preferred add-on for consumers on to

Expert: in 2013 you will record 10 channels simultaneously for 2 weeks, fly

Some boffin over at Rice University has decided that five years from now, the capacity of DVRs will be such that we’ll be able to record HD video from ten channels at once, and keep it going for

Is Apple skimming dough off AppleTV rentals to cover the price drop?

Everyone was happy to hear that the AppleTV was losing a bit of cost, as it was hard to justify getting one before with the features it offered. Now, however, it’s a much better deal (some disag

How to get a one-time extension your iTunes movie rentals

So you’re watching Lady Terminator but you don’t have time to finish it. You’re going to be busy until tomorrow night, and your movie is only rented for 24 hours! It’ll be long